1 is the yunus family brand , youth's most valuable brand to network with?
2 how is valuation of most job creating brands measured? 
- my family have worked 30 years on the latter and therefore know who knows how to do IT and perhaps more importantly who hasnt got the foggiest idea

while open education world is free for leading, it is quite easy to gravitate around singfrorhope and women4empowerment to make the connections in best order for youth if we map how to do that now- however as soon as one (mad avenue or wall street) heavily conflicted choice is made it becomes so much work that nobody I know can afford to do that probono

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[1webs include blecher http://maharishiinstitute.org/  ; chowdhury www.women4empowerment.org  ; foerster at www.newworld.ac   ; javalquinto