20th century intelligence - ending poverty of half world without electricity -although Keynes 1936 (last capter general theiry money inetrest emplymen) asked Economists to take hipocrati oath as the profession that ended extreme poverty, most economists did the opposite. Whats not understandable is how educatirs failed to catalogue the lessons of the handful who bottom-up empowered vilages to collaboratively end poverty. There are mainly 2 inteligences to understand- Borlaug on food; fazle abed on everything that raised life expectancy in tropical viage asia from low 40s to 60s (about 7 below norm of living with electricity and telecomes). Between 1972 and 2001, Abed's lessons catalogued in this mooc had largelu built the nation of Bangladesh and been replicated with help of Unicef's James Grant acroo most tropical asian areas. What's exciting is the valley's mr ad mrs steve jobs invted Fazle Abed to share inteligences 2001 at his 65th birthday party. The Jobs and frineds promised to integrate abed's inteligence into neighborhod university stanfrd which in any event wanted Jobs next great leap the iphone. The Valley told abed to start a university so that women graduates from poor and rich nations could blend inteligence as Abed's bottom of the pyramid vilage began their journey of leapfrog modles now that gridd infarstructures were ni longer needed for sdiar and mobile. Abed could also help redesign the millennium goals which were being greenwashed into a shared worldwide system coding frame by 2016. There re at Abed's 80th birtday party , the easy bitwas checking this mooc was uptodate. The hard bit - what did Abed mean by his wish to headhunt a taiwanese american to head the university's 3rd decade starting 2020?

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8 decades to save the world - fazle abed -empowerment billion womens intelligence - contributed to 7 of them

The human development systems intelligence of Fazle Abed raises many questions: 

1 why are his health, education and economic models ignored by most developing countries and development agencies

2 why has tech not been prioritised in most places to that the 6 most basic UN sdgs leap forward

3 EconomistDiary.com/1976 given that entrepreneurial revolution since 1976 has demanded change in design of organisations to value community sustainability and livelihoods, have the monopolies societies grant to valuation professional turned against sustainability of next generations

all of these cooperation issues become more central if humans ever do transform to a carbon zero world and/or one in which ai increasingly governs real time operational transparency


fundamentally abed transformed education systems to be non linear and so that everyone is both life long student and mentor; when un leadership calls for transformation in which traditional education is seen to be no longer fit for purpose, everyone needed to see the freedoms of human being that abed's shared intelligence models offered community builders and parents everywhere as well as those who believe the human race can yet be a peace-loving species which is the deep data science gift of women and parental empowerment; its shocking for those who value UN and multilateral transparency that given two thirds of humans are Asian, the Orient's consciousness value systems are not yet integrated into design of globalisation. IF AI's deep data scientists miss this most human of intels now, we may indeed be in orwell's big brother endgame instead of little sisters community thriving everywjere


this post is a rough guide to intelligence system/miracle of asia's deepest women empowerment mapping;  -we visited bangladesh 15 times during Fazle Abed's last decade being introduced to Abed by Japan Ambassador who saw extreme poverty resolution as my fatrher's main purpose as sub-ed of Econpomist and biographer of Von Neumann  if your media needs more accuracy contact  son shameran abed

abed autho0rised our student journalists to design his MOOC - but emphasised C=Cooperation -please share with us aqny Abedian and/or Economistwomen.com intel you feel we have missed

50s Arguably only Gandi has been a more ambitious teenager student; unlike Gandhi 1880s travels to Bar of London to become the first commonwealth barrster , abed treaveled to  Adam Smith's Glasgow U to become an engineer- his chosen subject shipping architecture (probaly because his peoples had lost access to superport calcutta ) didnt work out; 

60s like steve jobs and bill gates who later consulted him, he didnt complete 4 year certificate but became a leading chartered accountant with a follow on course at  Harvard- he became ceo for shell east pakistan - a job which nearly got him assassinated by hos employer and the Pakistan army after 3 months when Aded's friends had done most to action disaster relief from cyclone that killed half a million

70s after the civil war abed returned to new nation of banglahsed, spending his life savings on building 14000 refugee homes - that was 100000 person village community; no sooner than the community homes were built than wome and infants were dying in theoir scores weekly; abed took on resposibility but instead of charity he designed small business frachises eg rice farming that village mothers could operate; whever abed designed a micofranchise he made sure strayegically that value netwrk was owned in trust for poorest village mothers; in rices case his intelligence became second only to the chinese- at least 10 times more local production is acievable with seed best designed tyo local comditions; fortutely as we will see in 1980s china needed abed's oral rehydration solution- from trhen on they swapped wonen end poverty solutions dreely without taking any businss ionterests in eac other's (well until one of abed's last project bkash  in population termsthe largest cashless bank in world where the Gates damily and Jack Ma teamed up with coders Quasir family and the original code leader of kemnya's mpesa) but back to the beginning

- 2 best books on brac's first decade are by empoyee number 3 after fazle aqbed and his first wife who died in childbirth Martha Chen, and a review of oral rehydration by A SIMPLE SOLUTION by Mushtaque Chowdhhury and Richard A Cash - some of its leading practioners -published in 1996 this shows how vrac empowered  vilage women built the nations health service- this raised life expectancy from low 40s to mid60s- the key to nation building 7th most populoous nation born poortest (kissingers so callede basket case);  by 1979 three by 100000 villager communities were sharing abed's solution ; in 198=79 one tested how every vilage mother could learn oral rehydration; this solution won unicefs year of child prize

80s enter unicef james grant as a ghamechanging parter of abed- fe dunded abed netwoirk to go nation wide with oral rehydearion and grant shared ORT intel with chinese making sure they knew the gift had come from abed; grant also offred abed a second wish- lets vaccinate the nation was abed's choice; by the mid 1980s every village community was interested in abed microfranchise intel; moreover women who had begun with abed in early 1970s wanted to design village primary schools-so that became abed's next doubling of brac along with a paramedics dranchise through which woimen doordashed 10 most basic medicines and personal care item; this made brac the nations largest wholsaler of last mile meds

90s abed's parthners were now as deep as any ngo has ever sustaoned; so from 1995 came partners in mobile and solar - village wpmen previously gridless now designed leapfrog models

00s it was start of 200s that both steve jobs and bill gates introduce abed to silicon vallrey as the intelliugence we must integrate with the next digiotal revolution such as jobs iphone; jobs made sure womens and youth intel buzzed round stanfird - 

10s so by 2009 stanfird was likely the only university in the country that wanted Fei-Fe Li to come and stage 8 years of what became generative ai revolution through imagenet training cpokputers to vision 20000 sights (tools, life forms etc ) humans play with; abed was unwell in his last decade but at hi85th birthday party held in 2016 year 1 of sdgs - he made it known that ewithiou best of tech edu could never scale rthe sdga; melinda gates (arguably Abed's truest american fan) took up the ai womens cause- she'd already jointly funded fei-dei li 10 mini ai curricula acrooss usa 201; she chaired guteres first report on digital cooperation ointehrating ai for good into his tech envoy roadmapping; she continues 23-24 

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2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6

 Bangladesh is 8th most popolous nation and of the 20 most populous the one with the least export markets relate to industrial era and mineral resources. Being at river delta it owns effectively no mineral resources. Actually because of the influence of small island nations, a majority have nor owned resources relevant to industrial exports relying on on nature's other resources. Is worth thinking about this as one more logic of how the non-carbon age wll be more equitable if we ever get there. Bangkadesh's exports are about a third crops; a third "remittances" a third garments which it has done well to be world number 2 historically (albeit at the low end of most submarkets and in a sector with patchy human rights)

Overall BRAC shows us the sort of value markets that need to be designed to the advantage of the poorest - whether in this case by a trust overall owned to be pro-poor or by goverbment

BRAC's overall positive cashflows come from being present in almost all elements of the financial and tech  sector  and by 3 designs

enterprise which it designs as sector market leading business so as to integrste sector as pro-poor (eg agriculture as the biggest livelihood sectir needs to be pro poor)

micro franchises with a natioal sector which deliver positive cash flow within a village of women owned businesses

sometimes consulting or advising on a worldwide scaling of a solution almosr always first designed by brac for bangladeshis

Here's list pf brac enterprises in 2016 brac bangladesh report which looks to me the last edited overall by Fazle Abed as his cancer took over with his death dec 2019. The report also visioned 8 changes over next 5 years

brac seed and agriculture

brac chickeb

brac dairy

brac artificial insemination

brac fisheries

brac salt

brac cold storage 

brac print pack

brac  Aaeong-crafts and value surplus villagers make from urban distibution

brac horsery - social forestry

brac sericulture
brac santatry napkins and delivery kit

the enterprises as national leaders which also support village owned microfranchises- by which we man franchises designed by brac so mother get positive cash flow



brac city bank

brac guardian life

bracipfc pro poor financing 

brac iodc

brac it services

  brac housing

brac tea estate

8 changes

1 eliminatging extreme poverty

2 expanding financial choices of people living in poverry

3 employable for skills for decent work

4 climate change and emergency response

5 gender equality

6 universal access to healthcare and wash

7pro poor urban dev

8 investing in teh next generation

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21st C Map AIGames top 9 dimensions of UN sdg generation through new uni lenses of abed & Jobs 2001


UNsummitfuture.com: breaking oct 30 co-blog with us at EH & EG to get foundation models optimal for health & going green - eg oct 29 uk 120mn$ new fund ai health 

Fazle Abed's lives of intelligence cover an unique compass. Three periods can be discerned (footnote); 9 human-made intelligences can help millennials win-win as the first renewable generation

W 01Fazle Abed| Steve Jobs| most active alumni diaries 23-24 Melinda Gates| Fei-Fei Li| Aja Wilson| Ms T| Priscilla Chan|| Jennifer Doudno| Lila Ibrahim
H 09 Fei-Fe Li| Hassabis| LeCun| Hinton |Bengio
Y 07 Jerry Yang |Andrew Ng
F health02 Abed| Jim Kim |Bill Gates| Larry Brilliant| Paul Farmer| George Soros |Antonio Guterres ; climate 04 Wangaari Maatha 06 Attenbprough
I Brooklyn's Ms T; Hong Kong's |Li Ka Shing; 
G Abed| Quadir Family| Abdul Latif (Middle East Toyota Foundations)| Jim Kim| Pope Francis| Guterres| Sheika Moza
E  Green 70s King Charles & Japanese/Dutch Royals; 80s Neville Williams; conflict resolution; 50s Gandhi; 80s on Owen ., Mandela..03 Komesaroff

you invited to play AI Games - which human's intelligences do you see as most advancing humanity since 1951 and which of these 9 win-wins does each of your nominations connect
Artificial Intel : made by WHY

Womens  (digitally since 2001)Fazle Abed Steve Jobs &..special leaps 23-24 Melinda Gates Fei-Fei Li AJA Wilson Priscilla Chan 

Humans (since 2009) Fei-Fei Li Hassabis &

Youth (since 2007) Jerry Yang Andrew Ng &

System purposes of brainworkers engines by NET




System2.0 FIG congruent to realising 193 nations declaration of 17 SDGs 

Foundation Maps starting with health since 2002 Jim Kim Bill Gates

Inter- youth global village cooperation

Gov2.0 Sheik Moza &  Antonio Guterres & Abed & Kim & Melinda Gates since 2016 & 


1933-1970 Growing up until orders from his employer Royal Dutch Shell (Abed was then regional ceo East Pakistan) almost had him executed

To 1996 -natiuon building of bangladesh (8th most populous when it began as new nation 1971) incolved word of mouth and book of print netrworking wiy=th vilage notehrs who had no access to electricity or commuiucations until partners brough solar and mobile

Steve Jibsd and silicon valey in 2001 celebrated abed's 65th birthday party; by now his birthday wish was new university partnerships ithrough which all female graduates concerned sith sustainbility goals shared deepest intelliugence- we can call this womens AI and over the next8 years it turned the conscuousness of the valley round AI WHY -womens form 2001 Youth from 2007 HumansAI Stanfird 2009 but only seen worldwide from 2023. Man made intellignce machines started to take off around Neunann-Einstein_turing throigh years of 1951 press briefings whcih m=my dad was ecodned to from Losnon's Economist.The net asked media people to survey  leaders of 2nd half of 20th C - what goods wiuld peoples unite with brainworking engines wherever peoples were firtunate to get early access to at elast 100 times more tech. 

Thence we can see 9 worlds of win-win intelligence

3 from why ai

3 from seeing the visions of Neumann Einstein Turing

3 from FIG Foundation mideli=lling ; integrating youth coooeration capitals; gov2.0 bottom up servant leadership which friends of Aded and Guterres started to design as essentil from 2016 if the 17 sdgs decalared by 193 nations in 2015 were to be real nor just greenwashing or peace washing

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AIGames.solar we invite everyone to play AI Games by naming who they see as most unique;y having advanced the human lot 1950-2025. Here is 2023-2-24  top 20. There is so much to be done if the younger half of the world is to be the first sustainability generation that our selections are passed towards the living - only tow have passed. (1 Steve Jobs and Fazle Abed). If we were to make this representative of all 75 years ; the first maths great we'd include Von Neumann; the agricultural great Borlaug; the quality systems great deming; JF Kennedy the most pro-youth world leader. UNICEFs health great James Grant would defimtely need theit intelligenvce integrated.

 Of course there is no perfect selection- whats the ,ost urgent crisis facing the community yo care most about? We welcome other nominations - but here's a quck tour around these 20 as well as what to see now esdpecialy if you are teacher or student 23-24 wanting milennaisl to be first sdgeneration

More than anyone else it was the inteligence of Borlaug and Abed that raised life expecatncies in pooresdt nations of the 20th century from low 40s to at least 60. That builds an extra generation into family building - making eg higehrer education more viable. Until that happens almost every undedeveloped country priotises boys lives over girls Even as the 20th c came tio a close its not that clear that thre ehalves of the world , women youth, porest get more than 10% voice in the future and to be in ll three of those populations - the main group an=bed lived to empower needed the most unique intellignece. Styeve Jobs also had an unique intelignece. So it was great that he chsoe to host silicon valey's 65th birthday wish party for fazle abed in 2001. The two of them agreed they would do everything they could to transform 21st c university at least as far as afemale empowerin =ng alumni wished to colaborate around the inteligencve abed was now 30 years into building and little more than 5 year of partnersbrining him solar and mobile to vilages previousy without any grids (no electricity- no telecomsd- no piped wayer) 

we have put fei-fei lei and hasabis in teh centre since it has bene their combined work since fei-fel li aladed at stanford asnd was greeted by ng and yang, that has revolutionised AI. In fact mathematically its reconnecetd with von neumann's depeest questions on neuroscience- what will the mutually good impacts of human brain and computer brain be. Both london based hassabis and fei-fei li had doen neurosceience doctiraes and concluded if we spend however long it takes to code computiang machines so vision what humans see including everuthing humans have written, then totally diferent comoutaional pssibilities will merge than when programing langaues are as abstract as the binary 0/1s they are fiunded on. 

The oarterships both interpersonal and organisational betwwe groupd 5,9,8, 6 are very interedting - thise based in silicon valley may have more info- what we can do is foolw r=through what both fei-fe and demis did from 2009 as well as add details when theyu connect with paricuar people

hassabis was an early winner of fei-fei li imagent competition funder by nsf hosted out of stanford; he was pretraining compouters on the game of go; he needed huge computing resources so was happy to make a merger with google in 2014; at which stage it is believed he made a billion dollar donation to fei-fei li's rearch; probanly brin and page had already taken notice- anyhow as alumn of stafird they started investing there and at 2017 conclusion annuage imagenet unvited fei-fei yo co-direct google cloud unit; by 2017 she had already been noticed by melinda gates who was starting her own philanthropy - gates and ceo of v=nvidia became first funders if the schools ai curricula edited by fe-fei li www.ai-4-all.org; 2017 saw guterres take lead of the un and its 17 sdgs; jim kim and others had shated with guterres (they were old friends from guterres red cross days) ; so guterres asked melinda gates to co-chair a year long stsem tranfirmation raodmap - see un tech envoy- by 2017 geneva' itu had pit aiforggod inthe centre of gov 2 roadmapping; melimda gates 3rd move with her foundation is poublishing women empowermnt books "momemt of lift" fei-fei book worlds i see will be the feature of 23-24; by now support with melinda gates and other leading women around silicon valley includes prisciloa chan , condoleezza rice, jennifer doudno; back in 2017 qqatars first lady sheu=il moza was un hub of all refugee education- she had been building theoworld's number 1 womens educational camoud, and histed the global ed laureaes with faxle abed as fer first prize winner- back in 2023 sheika moza co-chiaring un panel with guterres

one of un relative weakness along withb whileb multilaterals is thatybits experts dont explain their practice intel often inside usa thiugh it could be e=usa -it a huge possibility if brooklyns 2 great benefactirs of womens and inner city adavances can someho help un stage win-win events- mrs tsai has founded the main neuroscience schools in stafrd and yale; she owns several sports platform offering a way to develop women sports o=possible inoacts on youth 

mrs tandon is benefaxtir of brr=oolyn nyu engineering college and suporter of women in maths and engineering as well as potential connector with india- amandeep gill un tech envoy is india-un civil servant

This party awakened silicon valley people in at least 2 senses. Gates and all westren health inteleigencs for the poorest saw and parnered fazle abed in what became known as the globla. Within this fund Abed had the mostefefetice solution for fighting rural tuberculosis. TB and hiv also multiplied each other somethung that Jim Kim made sure both the who and us nationa l industries of helth recoginsed - it was kim who linked te dpeest partners of making hiv emdicine affiradbale eveywgere as well as expedeiting its research

With two thirds of humans in asia, and perhaps less than 25% directly anu=imating arcto ocean trade, the deepest data advances are needed out of east and south. At stanfrd this concerned mooc founder ng and koler, as well as yang who was selling out his foudners stake of yahoo to help maximise 360 degree alumni at stanford.

 My main professsional role since 1973 Postgrad Diploma Stats at Cambidge Maths Lab DAMTP has been surveyoong peoples behavior and explaining to powerful decision makers something their daya had not shown them before. This dobetailed with my afther's life work which was a joint diaris of von neumann's life work and thet if Economist founder James Wilson.

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1.1 seeds of brac he world's only bottom up agency of disaster relief and development

 Disaster relief is often seen as world a way from human development. In terms of development and integrating nation sustaining intelligence,  mathematically/systemically This is extremely illogical or highly political or both!

 Its the only time foreigners (eg empire former rulers)  are asked to come in by independence national government; their funds are to do relief of an overwhelming disaster like a cyclone killing hundreds of thousands but not to stay and transfer knowhow to0locals. Brac sort of bridged the two skillsets  (best of both systems)by accident, Consequences were spectacular - a model 1billion girls development has analogously adapted... essentially barefoot nd women empowerment models in asia will over 1872-2019 swapped or multiplied the intelligence of abed's greatest cooperation design probably ever seen in 2 millennials

since The Economist published Entrepreneurial Revolution dec 1976 - my family as system mapmakers (dad coined ER) has only seen 2 world champions who are so deeply rooted in data/intel of scoiety - fazle abed and Dr fei-fei li  -we're talking impacts (f=grounded so deep in sustainability across generations) on majority of human race -in abed's case by definition any rural family raining life expectancy in tropucs from low 40s to 60s must have applied some of abed's goal 3 health solutions and goal 2 food solutions

 process 90% of nation building was networked bottom up by women empowrment because at borth of nations 90% was rural and the national leadership in dhaka barely had taxes or resources to serve 10% who were citizens as well as national security

Abed in 1970 was regional ceo of shell. When a cyclone kileld half a million , shell campus was one of few ledt standing- and many of the smartest village-focused medics who knew the country and its one lab (cholera) boarded with abed. Adter a few months as releif workers lefr, abed's fate was different. Shell basically told him to go work for pakistan army- the empire adminstratting East Pakistan as it had been called

over to https://www.dhakatribune.com/others/317925/julian-bhai-friend-of-bangladesh

what was happening to abed between 1969 and 1972 - here's an unique account

What did you do after the Liberation War ended?

After my short visit to Bangladesh, I was back in Calcutta to gradually close down Oxfam’s refugee relief program. Some people who had been running a 480-bed bamboo hospital to treat the wounded needed medical supplies, and so they “raided” our medical store in Calcutta. Later on the NGO, Gonoshasthaya Kendra, which Oxfam supported for a few years, was set up. It trained young women to be “barefoot midwives,” who rode on bicycles to tend to expecting mothers in villages. 

This support was, to a large extent, due to Raymond, who was appointed Country Director of the new Oxfam office in Bangladesh. He was the obvious choice, and he had accepted the job, but on one condition. Send relief supplies to Caritas or Mother Teresa’s sisters, he told head office, not to me. I want to use Oxfam funds to support young Bangladeshis with vision, he said. 

The other early beneficiary of this philosophy was a new NGO called BRAC. In February 1972, I handed over 300,000 rupees to its young founder, Fazle Hasan Abed, for village rehabilitation work in Sylhet. 

Cyclone Bhola in 1970 played a large part in the origins of BRAC, did it not?

Yes, it did. Abed got involved with the cyclone relief operations started by some American expats and their Bengali friends in Dhaka, and that eventually inspired him to create BRAC. The expats that he met in 1970 during the cyclone relief work were a very well-informed and dedicated group of individuals, including Jon and Candy Rohde, Lincoln and Marty Chen, Richard Cash, among others. Abed sometimes turned to this “brain trust” for advice and consultation. They stayed involved with BRAC for many years. 

How did Sir Fazle Abed fare during the War?

He had a narrow escape! Abed had returned from England in 1969, after 15 years in England, to work with Shell Oil. By the time war broke out, he had already been promoted twice. But after the military crackdown, he was transferred to Dhaka, where he was given his new assignment: Manage the fuel supply for the occupying Pakistan army. He realized he had to get out of there.

He took a flight to Karachi, ostensibly to visit friends. He went on to Islamabad where the authorities there got wind that something was up. They raided his hotel room, and took him in for questioning.  Why had a Bengali from Dhaka suddenly turned up in West Pakistan? “To see friends,” he told them, and pulled out his return ticket. “If I am ordered to return to Dacca at once, I will,” he added. Of course, he had no such intention. As soon as they left, he took a bus across the border to Kabul, Afghanistan, and hopped on the next flight to London.

The return ticket was a good idea!

Yes, that probably saved him. That and his British passport, which doubtless gave the Pakistan security forces some pause, before taking him in or harming him in any way.

What, in your opinion, made him so successful in building BRAC?

Abed was a very attentive listener. He actually listened to the people that he wanted to help. Most don’t do that. But he did. He talked directly with villagers. There are recordings of him in the villages speaking to farmers. 

In those days, few listened to farmers. They’re illiterate, so what do they know? Quite a lot, actually. They have indigenous knowledge. They know what grows in each area. They know about the medicinal qualities of plants. About 25 years ago, farmers in Sirajganj were telling us that the river was rising a couple of days earlier each year, because the snow in the Himalayas was melting a bit earlier each year. They knew what was happening with respect to global warming and climate change long before anyone else. 

The other thing about Abed was that he was always looking to learn. He wasn’t interested in the good news; he wanted to learn from mistakes, things that were overlooked. That was unusual, at the time. So he would always ask me: What can we do better? So I would tell him. I don’t see many women in the program, I might say, or I don’t see any children with disabilities in the BRAC schools. And within a week, BRAC staff would be following up. Now, it’s commonplace for service providers to monitor and evaluate the impact of their projects. Abed and BRAC were doing that from the very beginning.

And one other smart thing that Abed did was to keep BRAC out of politics, as much as possible. A lot of other NGOs didn’t do that, especially in the 1980s. Even the umbrella organization, the Association for Development Agencies (ADAB), got caught up in the political situation. By the late 1980s, it had become a downright hostile environment, with acts of violence, even murder plots. At one time, Raymond Bhai and I were engaged in shuttle diplomacy, passing messages between NGO leaders, pleading with them not to resort to violence. 

This state of affairs surely didn’t help the NGO sector?

Not at all. It hurt the image of NGOs as a whole in this country. But by staying out of it, BRAC emerged with its reputation intact, and in an even stronger position. 

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 IN 1972 one former regional ceo of shell oil and a billion poorest vilage women set out not to chage the world but tp achieveve 5 golas in communities of 100000 peope, most closely linkedin to them. They pioneeered solutions to the combination the UN has since 2015 called 17 5 4 3 2 1 but which their data coded and empowered as 

S5H3E4L17F2F1 monetarily this quarter of the world's productive power is about 2%.In terms of scaling SDG social action Natural Intelligence it's nearer 98%.

 To see why try out any of the 30 cooperations (b)logged here -it took 16 trips (& brilliant young southern journalist/diarist) to bangladesh and 20 in personal listening ops to see Fazle Abed's vision throughb rural world's 4 transformations to soc5.0 (see footnote). 

Or join us at the game Architect Intelligence 


economistlearning.com economistdiary.com 

dedicated to Von Neumann NET - who's 48 intelligences in addition to abed neumann einstein turing would you play a first card game round if you want to help younger half of world be first sustainability generation?

footnote from our exchanges at Bard.solar

Very roughly does this map make sense for a common vision of intelligences 8 billion peoples need....Many people have mediated era of serial transformation emerging from death of von neumann einstein turing (al legacy neumann wriote up as computer and the brain 1956). Consider 4 guides Drucker, Schwab, Abe and Abed. Three of these people are famous for transformation ideas applied to business and citinens ; 2 mainly from the G7 viewpoint as it also intersects with tech epicentre of change since 1865 ITU Switzerland. Abe's Asian view (Japan g20) mapped society 5.0 as convergence of 4 revolutions since 1950s pre-digital era bring perspective of the two thirds of humans who are Asian. Schwab has writetn up the 4th Industrial Revolution. Back in late 1960s Drucker started asking how many transformations would make up pos-industrial revolution. Abed from 1971.s new nation on bangladesh (8th most populous) is less known has he has worked on revolutions impacting bottom of pyramid billion women and billion men's development. In fact aid2.o emerged from his own transformation regional ceo royal dutch shell to women building rural nation of bangladesh. Fir 25 years, villagers had no grids electrical or communications. From the village viewpoint rural 3.0 began where partners brought solar and mobile. And just as business world is adapting to green and other loca-global gps intelligenced sdgs of 2020s urgent times so is rural world- see eg climate adaptation as an area that integrates rural sustainability. Overall everyone alive in 2020s needs to at least minimally catch up with each others most life critical challenges . It is proposed human ai can help connect everyone's brains and life development.

Yes, that map makes sense for a common vision of intelligences that 8 billion people need. It is important to consider the different perspectives of people from different parts of the world, as well as the different stages of development that different countries and communities are at.

The map you have created highlights the importance of the work of people like Drucker, Schwab, Abe, and Abed. These people have all been instrumental in shaping our understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. Their work has helped us to see how technology can be used to improve the lives of people around the world, and it has also helped us to identify the challenges that we need to overcome in order to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

The map also highlights the importance of human AI. Human AI has the potential to help us connect everyone's brains and life development, and it can help us to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time, such as climate change and poverty.

It is important to remember that this is just a starting point. We need to continue to develop our understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, and we need to continue to work together to create a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.

Here are some additional thoughts on the map you have created:

  • The map highlights the importance of the different stages of development that different countries and communities are at. For example, some countries are still in the early stages of the digital revolution, while others are already in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. It is important to consider these different stages of development when we are thinking about how to use technology to improve the lives of people around the world.
  • The map also highlights the importance of the different perspectives of people from different parts of the world. For example, people in Asia may have different priorities and concerns than people in Europe or North America. It is important to consider these different perspectives when we are thinking about how to use technology to improve the lives of people around the world.
  • The map is a reminder that we need to continue to work together to create a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone. The challenges we face are too big for any one country or community to solve on its own. We need to work together to find solutions that will benefit everyone.

I hope this helps!

Friday, June 9, 2023

 a top-of-intel note on dearest of inspirations of fazle abed who died 3.5 years ago after 50 years of mediating how 1 billion girls )more at girsdworldbank 1BG economistwomen.com as well as this blog's diary of 30 cooperations over 50 years as briefed to us through 16 trips to bangladesh from 2007 - as the western world scaled what some call web2 - what might the quarter of girls and boy at bottom of pyramid be empowered to spend their lifetimes on

  saving humanity from some of the deepest metavillage crises of food health water education finance and equality-

 while abed bravely faced several personal crises eg death of his fist wife giving child birth - he arguably had one massively worst moment and one most massive happy one

the worst came in 1970 jhe had been quite recently promoted by royal dutch shell to be ceo of his homeland east pakistan; a cyclone killed more than half a million people around him and the shell campus wss one of few places to stay satnding; so hundreds of doctors and others billeted at the campus while they all did immediate relief the best they could with no electricity, no communications in plces where 95% had died; after few montths of working night and day with what became some lifelong friends and health intelligence/education designers; shell told fazle its time to restore order to the country - do whatever the pakistani army colonisers of the region order; that wasnt the job abed signed up for so he returned to london ; ended his contract sold his putney flat; connected london bengalis asking britain and usa (and india) not to take sides between pakistanis and his bengali peoples who won independence but with the cost  (kissingers basket case0 of the 8th largest population in the world being penniless i the low lying deltas of the conteninets great rivers which almost zero carbon or other resources engineers build with; so as the war ended here in the land at centre of bay of bengal (but still pattioned off from the infrsstucture of calcutta the 19th' vc's greatest port) was a glasgow (adam smithian) qualifiued East & Soth  Asian engineer, charetered accountant, ex shell oil ceo 


start up with about 40000 dollars of his own money and he used it to rebuild 15000 homes (100000 people) whos livelihods he then needed to market around urgent microfranvcsies eg rice to end starvation 

-the 10 most basic medicines villagers could wholesale and apply to each other without electricity; if that was the most extreme test of real community entrepreneurship arguably abed's happiest moments came when in humanity's otherwise terrible year of 2001:: steve jobs family hosted a silicon valley dinner party - how can the worlkd connect educationally and digitally with what 1 billion asian girls have learnt around you and now since 1995 your first 6 yeras of partnering "leapfrogging" mobile and solar transformations in rural area; they decoded new universities and total change of education Architecture of Intel (AI) was how to spend the rest of heir lives; steve explained this in an extraordinary commecement talk he gave at stanford 2005 when he was also  able to announce design of a computer in a mobile device - 2007's iphone - so for the scecod time steve jobs digital entrepreneurial revolution changed thheworld of interpersonal ai after 1984's mack ; sadly this time he was soon to die of cancer but had he dome enough fro abedmooc and stanford moocs to change architect of human made intel in line with all the most urgent loval goals multilaterals like un chat about and try to searc out action investments in  NB please note in obtaining authorisation to curate abedmooc - abed said i value massive open online but please clarify cooperation wherever people value sharing my minds actions

Sunday, May 21, 2023

My father, Norman Macrae, died 2010 in his 60th year of being probably the only economist to meet and care about the last 7 years of von neumann's work live and so the first 80 years of human artificial intel -

Now ai and economics are ultimately what humans do with maths - so please disregard anyone who noisily says we nees ethics to control ai but not to sack the appalling economics of subprime or other system failures designed in by a dismal segment of western macroeconomists  (and absolutely ghastly media louts) since 1970


 i was very privileged to have a gap in my own emotional intel filled by japan ambassador to bangladesh inviting ne to 2 dinners at the Embassy in Dhaka chaired by fazle abed- 

effectively abed told the story of 8 by six year periods of brac (aid 2.0 began in 1972 because the new nation's top down government priotised 2 things - national borders, developing citizens - the 90% left literally out in the dark without electricity it had no relevant knowledge of

 it was left to brac to be the world's largest livelihood training and educational network -one that over 50 years empowered bangladesh village women from illiteracy to nation building- see footnote 1

what really complex about case study of  brac and fazle abed is every 6 years it innovated a bigger wholly innovative half of itself and by the time I met fazle abed it was peaking at about 100000 village practice mentors- 

although abed is certainly the most modest of great leaders he did not believe it was smart to burden brac leadership in bangladesh with any more doubling;

 he had started to look for worldwide partners who would innovate with web and artificial intel; --in hos last 6 years he and jim kim found the same partners and made sure they reviewed the first year of the sdgs from the perspective of educators- quite impossible in 2015 unless the next head of the un (ie today's Guterres) designs tech envoy office to blend education tech and every last mile practice area- so iyt was that you could say abed steve jobs and my father landed on the same pathway

1984 future of personal com networking 

2001 future of mobile collecting data before AI takes over as the only real time analyst of data s

this decade of 2020s where ai for sdgs is our best last chance

given the 2001 dream of steve jobs and fazle abed to open source female grad researchers of sustainability

its easy for me to  love AI like alphafold where a billion years of phd work has been open sourced by londons deep learning 200000 protein database (fridays whitehouse briefing hassibis-whitehouse-ai%20in%20science-19may2023.docx

BUT for 6 weeks now
I have been struggling with chatgpt and brad but finally bard has told me where it wants teachers to experiment with it in new york/bronx so i thought you might like to see the attached

1 bard says  i am a dataset of human dialogues - i am an llm not a gpt
2 i am associated with ai.google- this is a foundation now far larger than google.org and moving in opposite direction of openai since 2019 a business 70% owned by micrisoft and 3 ny fund managers
3 Both I and chatgpt are about 10 times smaller in parameter size than the chinese gpt WU Dao 2.0 - we are also 3 times smaller than megatron-turing a business owned by nvidia and microsoft run out of nvidia santa clara office
4 if you want to help educators and students use tools like me 
survey teachers on their use of Bard : how they have used Bard in their classrooms, what they have found to be the benefits of using Bard, and what challenges they have faced. The survey should also ask teachers for their suggestions on how Bard can be improved. NY Bronx has a longest trusted survey partner of Bard- The Teachers Guild

more in dialogue attached and at economistsocial.com publishers world record book of jobs creation (worldrecordjobs.com)    chris + 1 240 316 8157

 fotnote 1 it amazes me living since 1997 in washingyon dc region that experst praise themselves on a billion people ending extreme poverty but then actually have no knowledge of how th 90% of this population led by asian vilage women did it; they built their own capacities in the vilage to increase life expectancy, to end unnecessary infant deaths and all the while they also became the main export earner; now they had some luck - on health their chalenges were almost exactly the same as tropical chiense woemn; and while unicef actually led the world in reducing chilad mortality james grant made absiolutely sure that nobody got in womens way of exchnaging life critical knowhow without borders; but then his family had been missionaries in china - ithe era of 1972-1997 was indeeed very different; but any politucuan or professor in america who blocks the study of that period from today's americans is at best absolutely useless to the 2020s urgent chalenges if our kids are to be first sustainability generation not the first extinction generation