Join in celebrating the 30 most productive collaborations 2020-1970 of women empowered sustainability generation goals 1 -5 and help log advances to 2025 Fazle Abed partners and 1billion girls mapped these 30 collaborations -six each for education , health, food/land, finance to end poverty, societal platforms for partners in 100% community (women as productive as men, young & old, colored & white
education opportunities 4.1 adult skills; 4.2 primary; 4.3 teen ; 4.4 university; 4.5 pre-school ;4.6 multidisciplinary education luminaries health opportunities
3.1 oral rehydration 3.2 para health "doordash" basic medicines 3.3 scale vaccination 3.4 tuberculosis 3.5 Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity; 3.6 James Grant School of public health food/land opportunities
2.1 rice 2.2 veggie 2.3 cash crops & village fair2.4 poultry 2.5 dairy, 2.6 14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty
1.1 change aid (sustainable charity), microfinance+, 1.3 ultra poor, 1.4 city bank 1.5 bkash, 1.6 hq2 brac intl netherlands
platforms for 100% lives matter community (women as productive as men , all skin cols equal opportunity etc)
5.1 100k person metavillage; 1 billion asian women, brac net, 5.4 100 asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5 climate smart village exchanges, 5.6 zoom me up scotty: 2022: year 264 in search of moral market leadership

Monday, December 31, 2018

5.5 where do smart green viilage excagnes advance

 while there ae plenty of smart city forums and twin sister city exchanges - we welcome your views on who facilitates the most effective green village exchanges - this is of special interest in glasgow before and after cop256 as we have 2 journals and 13 years of work connecting adam smith scholars and rural innovations

journal of social business

journal of new economics

also what is the roadmap between village and city -what subinfrastrucutres work for villagers but perhaps only if villagers get credits for green innovations

eg are biogas ovens fully rewarded ?

one network with long dialogue on this is microenergycredits set up by americans inspired in the 1990s/2000 by green energy advances in bangladesh

at the un 2021 the president of senegal mentioned the west africa dev bank summits

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