20th century intelligence - ending poverty of half world without electricity -although Keynes 1936 (last capter general theiry money inetrest emplymen) asked Economists to take hipocrati oath as the profession that ended extreme poverty, most economists did the opposite. Whats not understandable is how educatirs failed to catalogue the lessons of the handful who bottom-up empowered vilages to collaboratively end poverty. There are mainly 2 inteligences to understand- Borlaug on food; fazle abed on everything that raised life expectancy in tropical viage asia from low 40s to 60s (about 7 below norm of living with electricity and telecomes). Between 1972 and 2001, Abed's lessons catalogued in this mooc had largelu built the nation of Bangladesh and been replicated with help of Unicef's James Grant acroo most tropical asian areas. What's exciting is the valley's mr ad mrs steve jobs invted Fazle Abed to share inteligences 2001 at his 65th birthday party. The Jobs and frineds promised to integrate abed's inteligence into neighborhod university stanfrd which in any event wanted Jobs next great leap the iphone. The Valley told abed to start a university so that women graduates from poor and rich nations could blend inteligence as Abed's bottom of the pyramid vilage began their journey of leapfrog modles now that gridd infarstructures were ni longer needed for sdiar and mobile. Abed could also help redesign the millennium goals which were being greenwashed into a shared worldwide system coding frame by 2016. There re at Abed's 80th birtday party , the easy bitwas checking this mooc was uptodate. The hard bit - what did Abed mean by his wish to headhunt a taiwanese american to head the university's 3rd decade starting 2020?

Friday, January 31, 2020

hard to believe 21st c could start worse for our centennial youth than the 20th but..?

 with the death last month of millennials greatest solutions connector sir fazle abed, its timely to prioritise what he might most urgently lists as broken systems urgently needing solutions if millennials are to be the sustainability generation

5.4 not yet helping 20 something graduates collaborate round worldwide community solutions of the kind his microfranchise model and world's largest civil society collabs are designed to value

-well take usa for example - debt for student loans to colleges exceeds even credit card debt; thus the most expensive universities would claim they are doing a good job- but this isnt about advancing sustainability generation- mbas as the most expensive course after medics are the opposite of leading sustainability solutions; it seems the younger half of world is stuck until the idea of being in an exclusive alumni group is replaced by being in the one global graduate collaboration 20 somethings needs to be for sustainability -more discussion of broken education system

5.5, 5.6 climate wrongs

3.3 risks on health - in 2005 it looked as if google.org & other would prriotitise ai around mitigating pandemics- this was the famous tedx prize that saw larry brillaint made first ceo of google; billioonaires likke gates had issued preventing pandemics as a grand chhallenge billionnaires unite round

1.1 wrongs of engaging in war but not the peace - sadly even as briton's colonial model needed most of teh world especially asia being freed from colonial rule, america's superpower race especially after kennedy's death seem to have become a neocolonial proxy game - with both superpowers rushing to sponsor dictators all over teh developing world not their people sustainability

-we need to remap teh wprld tarsnparent;ly- can decolnial ai help? isnt it time that natioanl politicainhs who chout loudest about human rights sort out their nations human wrongs first 

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