20th century intelligence - ending poverty of half world without electricity -although Keynes 1936 (last capter general theiry money inetrest emplymen) asked Economists to take hipocrati oath as the profession that ended extreme poverty, most economists did the opposite. Whats not understandable is how educatirs failed to catalogue the lessons of the handful who bottom-up empowered vilages to collaboratively end poverty. There are mainly 2 inteligences to understand- Borlaug on food; fazle abed on everything that raised life expectancy in tropical viage asia from low 40s to 60s (about 7 below norm of living with electricity and telecomes). Between 1972 and 2001, Abed's lessons catalogued in this mooc had largelu built the nation of Bangladesh and been replicated with help of Unicef's James Grant acroo most tropical asian areas. What's exciting is the valley's mr ad mrs steve jobs invted Fazle Abed to share inteligences 2001 at his 65th birthday party. The Jobs and frineds promised to integrate abed's inteligence into neighborhod university stanfrd which in any event wanted Jobs next great leap the iphone. The Valley told abed to start a university so that women graduates from poor and rich nations could blend inteligence as Abed's bottom of the pyramid vilage began their journey of leapfrog modles now that gridd infarstructures were ni longer needed for sdiar and mobile. Abed could also help redesign the millennium goals which were being greenwashed into a shared worldwide system coding frame by 2016. There re at Abed's 80th birtday party , the easy bitwas checking this mooc was uptodate. The hard bit - what did Abed mean by his wish to headhunt a taiwanese american to head the university's 3rd decade starting 2020?

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

 Rice  abed Cooperartion  experiential-learning (SB economic) network 2.1 feeds more people than any other product - especially those challenged by goals 2 hunger - even starvation. Rice became the first social business microfranchise of brac. Abed had spent all his savings building 15000 homes of peoples in his home region who had lost everything in the war of independence. He then found tens of mother dying  of starvation a week in the metavilage he had built (15000 mothers nearly 100000 people as 1970s bangladesh mothers were expected to breed many children -partly v=becxause up to jalf would die before ago of 5 due to stunting malnutrition or diarrhea - dehtdration due to lck of safe drinking water)

Rice became the F in SHELF - see 2025 report final cooperation edition - in press begun with London Economist - first future history publication 1984 -alson UNwomens at linbkedin , newsletter ed3envoyun.com

BRAC becomes Bangladesh's Centre of Gravity on rice research , arguably nimber 2 in Asia after China. Rice farmers became the first small enterprise Chinese Capitalism permiited from 1976 - prvuously all companies had been state owned

Today China has a lab with over 800000 different species of rice- of course bangladesh doesnt have a huge lab like that - but Abed with help of UNOCEF James Grant shared something bangladesh became world leader in oral rehydration 3.1 - and always preserved borderless good relations wherever people shared solutions on women ending extreme poverty) 


Fortunately rice is also the most adaptable of plants locally through crop sceince. We are not agricultural experts but Abed as former royal dutch shell ceo had the connections for brac to become the nations main coop-erative researcher in rice. (Incidentally my father at The Economist celebrating rural Keynesianism had published 1977 rice as the happiest chart in the world- with different countries in asia varying local production by order of magnitude- if only every place linkedin to the the seed it most needed. This could be the greatest economic win-win of the era before digital networking. Rice can be adapted to length or harvest; how much water, salinity or other environmental factirs These are also mainly about green decisions not chemical fertilisers

BORLAUG FIRST WORLD RECORD JOBS CONNECTOR AFTER WORLD WAR 2 (see also green revolution 1 billion people)

Its our undertstanding that in the early 1950s Borlaug an Amerucan whose research lab was in mexico started research of every crop's local productivity. For expert nominations of who contributed wht to end hunger see the food prize laureates founded in Borlaug's memory

You could say Rice is what helped abed chnage aid from 1.0 chairty and top-down driven to social business investment in porest vilage mothers as family busienss people. In this sense look at 1.1 and 1.2 - - changing aid to botom up and fiancial servies for poor; 5.1 colaboration for metavilages 100000 people at a time ; and 5.2 : 1 billion girls- abed's solutions was cooperating in research bottom billion asian mothers needed to win-win learn/do

WE suggest reading the book by  brac empoyee number 3 martha chen - quiet revolution. This explains abed's role through 1970s as linking in what became the miracle of a billion poorest asian women networking to end poverty- keynesians including schumacher would term this the greatest human development economic miracle of all time. When the Japan Ambassador to Bagladesh  hosted 2 brainstormoing dinners to remember my father 's vote od Abed as nuimber 1 in female entrepreneurial revolution, Abed chaired hours of debate on why he hoped his legacy woi;d be brac universoty helped linkin all 21stt C universities with women graduates concerned with milennails being the sdg generation would cooperate. Some people say he credited the idea to Mes Steve Jobs. - 

Anyhow, 20001, after 30 yeras of grassor=oors network (vilage word of mouth , and with literacy print of book) oce coop-eration partners with brac brought platforms of  mobile and solar, one of abed's top cooperations : founding brac university- to be the most cooperatinve 21st C university for all helping girls under 30 lead the human race beyond extinction - ..

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