20th century intelligence - ending poverty of half world without electricity -although Keynes 1936 (last capter general theiry money inetrest emplymen) asked Economists to take hipocrati oath as the profession that ended extreme poverty, most economists did the opposite. Whats not understandable is how educatirs failed to catalogue the lessons of the handful who bottom-up empowered vilages to collaboratively end poverty. There are mainly 2 inteligences to understand- Borlaug on food; fazle abed on everything that raised life expectancy in tropical viage asia from low 40s to 60s (about 7 below norm of living with electricity and telecomes). Between 1972 and 2001, Abed's lessons catalogued in this mooc had largelu built the nation of Bangladesh and been replicated with help of Unicef's James Grant acroo most tropical asian areas. What's exciting is the valley's mr ad mrs steve jobs invted Fazle Abed to share inteligences 2001 at his 65th birthday party. The Jobs and frineds promised to integrate abed's inteligence into neighborhod university stanfrd which in any event wanted Jobs next great leap the iphone. The Valley told abed to start a university so that women graduates from poor and rich nations could blend inteligence as Abed's bottom of the pyramid vilage began their journey of leapfrog modles now that gridd infarstructures were ni longer needed for sdiar and mobile. Abed could also help redesign the millennium goals which were being greenwashed into a shared worldwide system coding frame by 2016. There re at Abed's 80th birtday party , the easy bitwas checking this mooc was uptodate. The hard bit - what did Abed mean by his wish to headhunt a taiwanese american to head the university's 3rd decade starting 2020?

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Celebrating 15 Deepest Human Intelligences to be coded into engineering Inteligence Systems

U- Uniting 8 Billion Beings; 1 billion Poorest Womens sdg intel since 1970-2019 (as different to being ceo of major carbon company Royal Dutch Shell E Asia)  While Fazle Abed was alive he represented bottom up service aka Franciscan or Consciousness cultures and implemented this through gov2.0 - knowhow solution 1 billion asian mothers (and so another billion fathers) operated to resolve bottom of pyramid's deepest challenges 

Open Commons Rights to Human Intelligence Code Mapping asserted since

 1843 Royals English Language Mediation (New English Constitution) UK Royals & The Economist Adam Smith's Entrepreneurial Revolution Network;

 transformed from 1951 with NET (Neumann Einstein Turing

)updated fir millennials goals & intergeneration survival valley ai partners of abed (leaps 2001, 2009, 2016, and King Charkes AI world seruesw relay begun 2023)

U Guterres public servant gov2.0 since 2001 (Portuguese red cross/UN WHo & Refugees/UL lead 2017)
Before death in 2019 Fazle Abed main U code due to intel of 1 billion asian womens development since 1970
V Jensen Huang partners valuing future designed million rimes more accelerated compute; company value multiplied 100 fold as since 03 became accelerated compute system of gamers, of life sciences and climate , of ai - andrew ng told huang oo stnford headhunting li 2009X Fei-Fei Li 2001 young phd - cyber-euro train computers to vision; host of data world champion ai breakthrough 2012; Stanfird AI since 2009Y Hassabis 2001 young phd London cyberneuro- trained computers in pattern games; royal soc scholar travel Stanfird 2009 met Li; biggest first investment gainer from Li 2012 google brain deep mindZ King Charles 60 years tracking Neumann-Einstein-Turing engineering compatible rise of japan-korea s, taiwan, hk - since 2023 host of ai commonwealth world series (knighted fazle abed 2009 versus valley celebrations of abed 2001 led by Jobs Family , soon foundation maps  Melinnda Gates, Doerr (cf Economist's why not silicon valley everywhere 1982) and Yangs
W Womens Global Media
twin intelligence & sports supersars
Code 1 AI climate marketsCode 2 AI Life sciences marketsCode 3 exp transparent valuation all other trillion $ marketscode 4 New coding AI4all; democratising coding, data soveregnty, data mapping nature's diversity/openness; deep learning million times more compute /autonomous
code 5 education transformationcode 6 Investor Algorithm etccode 7 map Genomics out of any GOS -every map may need view from geocontext - nb poles to poles and equator very different from temperate zone top 8 capitals located in N of 30code 8 intel of sdg microfranchises women advanced development around particularly 5 deepest goals communities can empowercode 9 Trian gov2.0 policy ai/nairr - what to engineers know regarding regulation realty

 At his 65th birthday in valley 2001 corresponding to year MDGs were launched and his 80th birthday spring 2016 corresponding to first year reviews of 17 sdgs - abed chaired education transformation responses. Guterres accepted overall system design map un2.0 which was written up by melinda gates dei-fei li a(a14all);-- the 4 digital syste designs 

AI for good

change how education spends unde 30 times DC1

change how (delivering) education spends over 30s time

Build local and global (universal) connectivity for all

A fifth space CODES 9referred to deep data design connecting einsten maths most ntably integral to climate and lif sceince ai

the other 4 piesces were upates of Un from 1945 ie


rifhts ; human values beyond and ar borders eg refugees (resolving borders as where systems compund cinfucts if professions extrnalie risk

inclusion within a place's rules

Between 1971 and 2001, gov 2.0 was innovated. This means communities developing sufficient capacity to feed, health-serve, educate, and build family home life for all.

1 billion asian vilage mothers(mainly inland tropical) designed bottom up 2.0 governance roung 5 deepest data/goals and action networks; they did this with trust/love by word of mouth and once they had gained lieracy by print of mimimum learning franchises needed to sustain positive business cash flow; because life expectancy had been in low 40s at the start; two critical foci of non linear education- what was needed for young mothers to run a village businees; then what was needed to host their own primary schools were core to systemise first

what happened to 3 other components - teen education, college education, pre-school education was largely addressed from 2000 when parterships were avaialable to bring solar and so mobile to rural areas which had never seen a grid (electric, telecoms, sanitation); another issue was some nations brween 1971 and 2001 succeeded to do briliant civil engineering; in these places the challenge was how to systemise the rural-urban transition; in other places, the infrastructure inland wasnt as good as the coastal infrastructure malking this the hardest curriculum of gov 2.0

Abedmooc.com offers the purest form of gov 2,0 intelligence as it fl=ollows the development by women (and a few male engineers)  of the 8th most populous nation as of 1971 (independence, the poorest its all rural with no critical minerals and it had been double colonised; when britain granted indepenence to the quarter of the world in the indian suncontinent, those east of calcutta did not get such freedom; they got colonisation by west pakistan and they lost access to the  19th Csuperport cacutta now kolkata that theu had originally co-built and traded through

To understang banladesg gov2.0 1971-2005, you need to map intelligence of the 5 deepest goals plus piueces of other goals; for example goal2 end huger shoud read end death by starvation or dehydration; in effect while those of us who have experienced man made engines we needed to recognise that the enery source of engines is as yet in conflict with boith sanitation and energy sources of humans.

Another issue is vilagers could gain investment from city dwellers where they were sponsoired to build green solutions such as social forestry - or indeed adfrica's green belt movement; moreover as bangladesh transtioned from 90% living in villages to 65%, villagers were immigrating to cities. What talents did girl villagers most need to survive in the city. Eural bottom up government prioritised 2 things:

care giving, basic first aid nursing , ending cholera an invention that had come from the villages, ending rural TC which as infectious disease citizens needed to, and the arts - sufficiently for bangladesh to become world's number 2 in garments; however unlike the occupations we discuss at abedmooc, the valoue chains of graments were run top down and so crises like the rana plaza factiry death of thousands of women have occurred. 

Lets look at

food and health community social businesses first ; then work out hich patches of finance, education, women govering rural bottom up were sequentialled needed for bangadesh miracle 1971 -2001; and then tackle whether progress has continued 2001-2020

please note the engineer who was number 1 in botton up nation buildin fazle abed died decber 2019 having begun representing vilage women soon after his previous employer almost git him assassinated; abed had been regional ceo for royal dutch shell; how he survived being assasinated by one of the big oil companies is a very numanced story

unfrtunatley there are no complete western coleg curricula; however king charles has seem a lot of  fazle abed's work (and indeed knightred him) the toyals of netwheralands and japan have access to a lot of this intelligence; the last american to have completely helped was james grant while at unicef; a lot of help has come from west cast as mr and mts jobs histed 65th birth day wish party with the vallety for abed in 2001

a canagiuan immigrant from lebanon has done most to trabsfer abed's intelligence to africa and indeed mediated digotal solutions which might not have reached abed without this space and its relationships through mit, abdul latif (japan toyota in middle east) and legatum a dubai mainly expatriate designed bank; finally sheika moza from around 2010 (first lady of qataer) wanted to beuind a global womens university and started both education and health laureates wise and wiseh with abed as her system mapmaker of origin

we welcome thise who wnat yo specify how a frncahise worked which we havent covered we are not interested in quarelling about how these joigsaw pieces came together

we have linked this to diaries of von neumann einstein turinf, the scot who wrote up the leagelse of indias independence and a scottish teen whossurvived spend ing hius last days as teen age navigator alled bomber command burma - his diaries are the ones we and adam smith schoilars have the most access to- see also glasgows 2 new journals social business and new economis

right now we are interested in discussing how dies this womens intel blend with king charles ai world series; 5 ai for all world class enineers and leadershio architects ; 500 most human intelligences

please mail me in washington D at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 

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