20th century intelligence - ending poverty of half world without electricity -although Keynes 1936 (last capter general theiry money inetrest emplymen) asked Economists to take hipocrati oath as the profession that ended extreme poverty, most economists did the opposite. Whats not understandable is how educatirs failed to catalogue the lessons of the handful who bottom-up empowered vilages to collaboratively end poverty. There are mainly 2 inteligences to understand- Borlaug on food; fazle abed on everything that raised life expectancy in tropical viage asia from low 40s to 60s (about 7 below norm of living with electricity and telecomes). Between 1972 and 2001, Abed's lessons catalogued in this mooc had largelu built the nation of Bangladesh and been replicated with help of Unicef's James Grant acroo most tropical asian areas. What's exciting is the valley's mr ad mrs steve jobs invted Fazle Abed to share inteligences 2001 at his 65th birthday party. The Jobs and frineds promised to integrate abed's inteligence into neighborhod university stanfrd which in any event wanted Jobs next great leap the iphone. The Valley told abed to start a university so that women graduates from poor and rich nations could blend inteligence as Abed's bottom of the pyramid vilage began their journey of leapfrog modles now that gridd infarstructures were ni longer needed for sdiar and mobile. Abed could also help redesign the millennium goals which were being greenwashed into a shared worldwide system coding frame by 2016. There re at Abed's 80th birtday party , the easy bitwas checking this mooc was uptodate. The hard bit - what did Abed mean by his wish to headhunt a taiwanese american to head the university's 3rd decade starting 2020?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021





Dear Shameran my 15 visits to Bangladesh from 2007 to 2017 inspired by your father and two of siR fazle's debriefings hosted by japan ambassador have helped me more than any other experience in my life. 

I see connections between 5 development compasses billion asian women needed most to lead not just sustainable futures across the continent but 2020s last chances fir humanity as kerry calls it

Not coincidentally these match the 5 primary un sdgs

1 Finance for the poorest mothers/girlpower

2 Nutrition for..

3 Health for …

4 Livelihood education for …

5 Community building of 100% livesmatter productively as well as artistically/socially

From 1962 in the economist my father norman macrae surveys debated how asia’s two thirds of humans depended on transparent mapping/integration of all of these riral keynsianism basics as well as all of asia’s post industrial revolutions starting with japan, then the whole coastal tour japan korea taiwan hk singapore, and from time bangladesh was born china rising too. Mentally father had google maps of asia in his head 60 years before any other media man because his last days as a teen were spent  as navigator in allied bomber command world war 2 stationed in modernday myanmar. Dad also married daughter of sir kenneth kemp the scot tasked with gandhi to draft the legalese of india’s independence- four generations of kemps had distributed health solutions. In mumbai kemps corner is named after what was the family’s and city’s first pharMacy,

world's largest ngo and youth collaboration - While I have some idea of which of your fathers' partners to celebrate on 2-5 (see eg very rough guide www.abedmooc.com co-edited by students like those who met you during sir fazle’s 80th birthday) you are the only one I can see who can translate into economics how all the pieces of abed finance for the poor work including ultra, microfinance+, city sme-bank, bkash, intl remittances and funding partners, global association banks with values….

If it is possible to meet at any future time I would love to learn. However one deadline we have coming up is cop26 where a new journal of smithian economics inspired by womens rural kenesiainsim is in its 11th year of publication. Its epicentre is glasgow university union where smith and watt started up machines. Its bangladeshi diaspora coordinator is zasheem ahmed who first met Sir Fazle who stayed for a night at his parents house in 1970.

Zasheem would love to know if there is any short summary you would like handed our to everyone who passes through glasgow uu during cop26 and which can continuously be featured through the journals web

His email and mobile in glasgow are 

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