download one page tour to 50 years of building partners empowering Asian village women to end poverty, design last mile health service and much more- how brac became the ngo world's largest networking economy DAY I ALMOST CHOKED EATING SUSHI WITH FAZLE ABED; he was telling his story: Bangladesh was less than 1 year old- it was 1972 and wanting to do more that being young Asia's leading oil company ceo, his greatest mistake was spending his life savings on building homes for 100000 refugees. Being an engineer I knew how to do that. But as we were opening the meta-village a young lady came up to me : what education/village enterprises do we need to prevent dozens of girls starving every week and scores of infants dying from dehydration? So she & I learnt we needed to innovate 5 last mile services for any space girls are born- safe homes, education, health, food, finance; in searching we found a billion village mothers wanting to COLLAB. 1
Download 2-page guide ...consider cases of new nations after world war 2- how many cases lived up to the peoples simplest dreams, end poverty, food/health/safety for every family member, education geared to decent jobs and happiness? bangladesh did something different- empowering 90% of women to find partners in building their own communities- .over 50 years a new economic model emerged which a billion asian women applied to end extreme poverty- how?.sustainability generation goal 5 100% livesmatter communitY 1 PLATFORMS 1 PLATFORMS 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6; 4 livelihood edu for all 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 ref Safiqul Islam 3 last mile health services 3.1 3,2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 last mile nutrition 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2,6 banking for all workers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 .
examples from abed builder of largest ngo partnership: Reeta Roy MCF 3.3 1billion$ to vaccinate continent africa 4.3 uganda; Soros 1.1-1.6 ineteconomics bottom-up, 4.4 new university OSUN 3.4 end TB; Gates 1.1-1.6 digital finance; 2.1-2.6 extending mpesa in tanzania's green revolution; world bank 1.3 first 100 ultra poor nations co-researchers, 4,4 first 100 nations early childhood play co-researchers
in contrast tu unicorns, we define hunicorns as billion dollar startup networks to valuable to human life for exiting investors or quarrelsome political parties -hall of fame first 1000 hunicorn collabs with sir fazle abed

36 alumni networks for sustainability generation goal 5 100% livesmatter communities 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6; 4 livelihood edu for all 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 ref Safiqul Islam 3 last mile health services 3.1 3,2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 last mile nutrition 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2,6 banking for all workers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 .
...2016 bangladesh e-digital schools nationwide :: bangla video:::: brookings video:: :::brac how did this happen?
The Economist 1977

2020s earthlings have the great good fortune that over 50 years from 1970 to 2019, fazle abed helped 1 billion asian women end poverty through 6 connected community building networks celebrating the first 5 sdgs and youth mediating everything else to be first sdg generation -each with a collaboration legacy -we're here to help yu find the network you can most help empower further
ending poverty, celebrating sustainability goals & youthful community building = most enjoyable ways to network; fazle abed (oil company engineer inspired by franciscan values) helped billion asian mothers do this over 50 years - join most exciting action learning networks and lets map AI algorithms = optimal livesmatter community builders -2021 join in glasgow cop26 & dubai rewired greatest youth meetings ever with thanks to &

Which 30 educational and economic partnerships most empower a billion women to end extreme poverty, and value their children’s sustainability? Fortunately for those caring about sustainability 2020s, we can map this by around partners and alumni of 50 years of servant leadership by fazle abed 1970-2019 together with legacy specifications mapped through his final decade

Viewed from 1970, Increasing life expectancy from 25 years below to average helped gravitate development economics world’s most trusted partnership – hence sustainability last mile service markets

3) last mile health
2) agriculture for village food security

4)non-linear livelihood education
5) timing what platforms partners could facilitate entrepreneurial revolution not not just inclusive community but cooperation in full and meaningful entrepreneurial employment

financial entreprenurial revolution for nation's people history excluded from machine age

Thursday, May 6, 2021

huni6.1- how might global-humanity billionaires like Melinda George and Bill describe Abed's place building leadership

 related 14 billionnaires giving half  

here are some difficult questions- ones that have even become forbidden in the west

- related servant leadership has disappeared from most western democracy - did democrats fail to learn the new media lesson from hitler- all he needed was the seemingly small monopoly of audio recording to propagate 24/7 propaganda

can we teach  C for Cooperation in exponential rural advancement, mooC, eCop26  or any moral-market/national/worldwide purpose worthy of our species? Or will we continue to priaise experts whose silos become an even bigger challenge than translating chinese and american cultures?


When people reflect on the importance of Abed's life work two growth exponentials emerge which he never claimed for himself though they were implied in the hope of the initials of BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement C 
-grassroots networks  -community engagement of poorest rural women new nation building- embedded uniquely into bangladesh purpose as well as collaborative energy of womens sustainability goals wherever lives matter communally
-collaborating in forming world's largest NGO partnership

Asia's two thirds of humanity has grown as they have liberated themselves from western empires by grounding local diversity in globalization and some extrarordinary new engineers

- in triangularising futures of corporations and governments can borderless NGO partnerships in sustainability goals deliver a triple win?  Whilst less common in 20th century western system design: A version of this question began The Economist's 1976 Entrepreneurial Revolution dialogues on global futures which western constitutional experts like romano prodi and bill drayton harnessed in the networks they went on to enthuse 

AS CURRENT EXAMPLE- beyond choices the biggest corporations and biggest politicians make on 7.5 billions peoples existence, whose system networking maps SAME entrepreneurs integrate?- HOW DO WE VALUE whether the way money is spent by the world's top entrepreneurial families will be in time for  2020s humans to  change the world's sustainability - academics are ubiquitous in defining strategies top down but how does this blend with nature's bottom up evolutionary rules. Consider usa where the biggest giving funds link round the gates who had talked warren buffett and a large number of america's richest to give to a united philanthropy fund. Similarly George Soros and others you cab follow with journalist's matthew bishop twitter account of billanthropists for 20 year now until recently out of the economist how to lead place branding to empower/sustain the poorest billion village mothers? this is the most controversial module in abedmooc. we look at it early on so that experiential learners like you can shape your own view as you look through the demonstrable action cases that make the resr of this mooc -what is known is over a 50 year period fazle abed and the world's poorest village women went from 16000 pounds fazle's monetary worth on selling his putney flat to the world's largest ngo partnership linked in round poverty alleviation networking by and for the poorest village mothers if you ask the 3 billionaires - bill and melinda gates and george soros - who visited fazle abed to see how villagers were empowered to end tubercolisis , they will tell you here was a calm leader who would ask if you would be happy to go and see how the women learn and action just doing it. the passion, pride, purpose of abed flowed through brac and partners seeing -nay celebrating - the peoples just doing it ; specifically the world's poorest women ending poverty by communally doing all the core sustainability development goals.

mathematicians of chaos theory used to talk of a metaphor that didnt move me much- the amazonian butterfly whose wing flapping impacts you on the pther side of the planet-- but now we now an animals virus covid 19 can rule the world even if its total physical presence could fit in coca-cola can. Qualifying in 1973 as a statistician at cambridge's department of applie matha and theoretical physics i collect precepts- so while i couldnt teach you any of einstein's equations i know he said whatever man's science tells you it knows everything- the scientist means at the level of approximation they modelled a systems dynamics- nature's trick on man is she is alway mapping at more micro levels; thats also why einstein corresponded with gandhi saying one day all sustainable nations leaders will need to behave like your consciousness tries to achieve -these are not necessarily popular ideas but to the extent that they determine whether our species continues that in turn indicates our media or education is flawed if it popularism destroys trsuted family/community building- thats actually where scot adam smith got to with his publication of moral  sentinents in 1758 when glory be from 1760 his co-worker james watt unleashed machine power on the world; 

so it is in nov 2021 scots convene probably the last time the world will listen to what machine and human intelligent futurws do we aim to susatain



Out of the place your family calls home ,who chooses whether innovation advances the human lot acrss genberations as well as the next decade you & yours can help action? For example is the overall trust of a place brand conerned with the double loop ending poverty and expanding the middle class?

-for 50 years since moving beyond being regional ceo for anglo-dutch oil company shell,  when asked his purpose in life- abed said poverty alleviation among villages who had been left out by history of access to machines- they didnt even have access to electricity; during his last 20 years opportuniites to scale partnerships in solarelectricity and mobile phones transform rural nation building; so asked if he had a goal beyond end poverty making every once poorest community next girl is born into a thriving place to grow up, abed integrated the hope that bangladesh or any place his solutions linked in would cultivate an expanding middle class connected to sustainability development goals the world over

-is that what freedom of the 2020s 7.5 billion peoples can be united by technology and humanity around? i dont know but if the question isnt worth asking as we all try to end covid together it wont be during my lifetime entering my 70th year (..

 clearly servant leadership is very different than the political leaders we see televised in the west. Again if you asked the 3 royal families who probably most needed to help reconcile asia's history - the Brits, the Dutch, the Japanese - i imagine the BDJ experiences of Abed echo those of MGB : Melinda George and Bill.

 you never saw abed claiming what he had done. even when a muddled bbc journalist tried to trash-talk his life's work you would see him asking the journalist come and see how the poorest women do this


the rest of this module shares my family's cultural interpretation of the place leadership a billion poorest women needed across asia; thats all an interpreter can do- however much you disagree with my interpretation i ask that you separate it from the observation above- 5 generations of my family of doaspoa scots have reported and in some cases mediated or served missionsmainly across asia -please noe wherever you disagree with the following this is not abed's fault- all errors are mine alone- i am trying to understand who is analysing what data transparently- i weclome chance to publish diverse links on this as more importantly does the 21st c journal of smithian economics now in its 11th year of publication OUT OF GLASGOW UNIVERSITY ALMA MATER OF SMITH WATT AND ABED -three people who helped peoples massively connect community-grounded entreprenurship

discussion frameworks

1 comparing gandhi and abed

2 looking into the 19th century history of the british empire that mid 20th century schooling deleted from curriculum

3 asia is aproximately two thirdsof human sustainability in people terms; between 1962 and 1977 my father published these reports in the economists monitoring exactly how japan korea taiwan other asean isands grew and the discussing what the future held for the rest of asia; in parallel he used notes which later became vo neumanns biography to publost entreprenurial future historeies og the 5g to 0g six decades 1970s-2020s that silicon valley amuno of gordn moore promied to deliver 100 times more tech per decade- a period during which 99% of everything would change beyond the two industral revolutions that had ended in world war 2 - ie machine enery, and machine communications

you dont have to futurise round these 4 levers of using machines though you should clarify what you do see as driving mam-machine age becuase goals for sustaining human lives will be increasing locked in ... so that the younger half of the world cant do moore than the elder half has designed - see last chapter of keynes -general theory to understand how tech exponential locks in future possibilities defined rg by old peoples pension funds - 300 trillion dollars in west not yet seeing sustainability investments as asset grade

3 before and after glagow cop26- kerry's last best chance for humanity - taking a very glaswegian look at what the 2020s has in store for the human race reflecting on the eras of humans and machines that started up in the 1760 around glasgow universities smith and watt , and which the 76 years of the united nations has revolved around -see also and and

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