when it comes to uniting 8 billion brains sustainably, english has advanages and disadvantage;s it went from the poetry of bard 1 to way admiistrators claimed to use scientifiuc method to (at peak) boss over 25% of the world population; suddenly bankrupted by world war 2 if you would like to see what 1 billion asian women did about this look at their toop 30 coperation ideas at abed mooc; if you want to see back in 1843 is both how ideas first described analytic machines as artificial (ie man-made not nature made) and how this might of integrated with the economists founder in 1843 of systems queen voctoria needed to humanise her empire you might start at economistdaiory.com (you should know that james hiuself doied in calcutta of diarrhea - and it took 112 yeras to massively network parental solutions to diarheas as number 1 killer in tropics) ; if you want to see today's views you might start at bard.solar or economistlearning.com or alumnisat.com or tell us where you like to start) rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Friends of Fazle Abed study world class scaling of what we now call UN Sustainability Goals but Abed in 1972 first called Goal 1 Poverty alleviation when he founded BRA-C (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Collabs so that Bangladesh became the first nation empowered by poorest village women. Start with 3 favorite wESG (womens Entrepreneurial Scaling Goals : human collaborations of 100K ::1billion :: 50million

  • *** 100000 lives matter eg 5.1 metavillage= 1972

  • ...***1billion girls action networking -eg 3.1 oral rehydration

  • ***50 million graduate Apps: 5.4 purpose of first 100 new unis of sdg generation
1billiongirls.com - over the last half century the greatest human development miracle (extra ref schumacher 1 million bilages) has been networked by 1 billion poorest asian village women -here we invite you to help map the 30 collaborations they linkedin - their chief guide 2019-1970 the former oil company executive fazle abed- In spite of being pivotal to how one quarter of all human beings progressed (and by far the deepest co-creators of Sustainability goal solutions- nobody ever printed any paper money for them - its only since innovating the world's largest cashless banking 1.5 systems that many westerners even began to study 21st C happiest possibilities with them.
Out of Bangladesh, village mothers hired 100000 village coaches - webbed 30 collaborations - giant leaps for womankind & youth as first sustainability generation
Intergenerational collaboration entrepreneur platforms 5.1  metavillage sustainable community building - women empowered:15000 families at a time;5.2   billion asian women,5.3  brac net; 5.4   asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5  climate smart village exchanges,5.6 meta and zoom-me up scotty
BANK FOR ALL 1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6 celebrate 30 most human collaborations from developing world of last half-century - inspiring  anyone valuing UN and youth as first sustainability generation
EDUCATION  adult village entrepreneurs 4.1; primary 4.2  ; teen 4.3; university4.4 ; pre-school4.5;tech multidisciplinary luminaries 4.6 
HEALTH oral rehydration 3.1 ;para health "doordash" basic meds 3,2; scale vaccination3.3 ;tuberculosis & 3.4  Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity3.5  ; James Grant School of public health 3.6
FOOD/land security 2.1  rice; 2.2 veggie  2.3    cash crops & village fair; 2.4  poultry;2.5  dairy, 2,6  14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty ;

UN says: Today's Education Systems No Longer Fit for PurposeAt Economistdiary.com we search out collaboration events- most exciting in 2022 - UN total transformation of education -september NY; Neumann's families collaboration search AI Hall of Fame; fen ale owners of transmedia race to humanise the metaverse...
abedMOOC.com started from a brainstorming dinner convened by Japan Ambassador to Dhaka who noticed my father's surveys of Asia Rising begun with Japan 1962 (endorsed by JF Kennedy) had not completely detailed Bangladesh Rural Advancement's  contributions to sustaining humanity and celebrating nation building through women empowerment . Dad's last public birthday party had celebrated launch of Muhammad Yunus Global Social Business Book February 2008 with 40 guests at Royal Automobile Club, St James, London. Father had also paid for sampling 2000 of Yunus books, 10000 dvds (youtube style interviews with all grameen directors during summer 2008 when the Nobel judges opened Yunus Museum in Mirpur, as well as part of launch of 2 Journals by Adam Smith Scholars in Glasgow that had emerged from Yunus making the 250th keynote speech on Adam Smith Moral Sentiments Dec 2008. But Fazle Abed whom my father never got the chance to meet had started 11 years before Yunus Grameen Bank 1983 Ordinance , built health and agricultural foundations, and then schooling -altogether a 5 dimensions approach that was not possible to appreciate from onee dimensional microcreditsummit yunus the clintons, queen Sofia staged annually from 1997. Abed said we could do a Mooc if it was laid out round C for collaborations. He was keen to map how 6  Collabs per the 5 primary sdgs had been integrated through 2 quarters of a century 1972-1995 when rural meant no electricity grids or phones; 1995 when partnering platforms afforded extraordinary leapfrog models that could be designed with mobile networks and solar. It took 16 trips while Abed was alive (and the curiosity og many graduate journalists _ to get this mooc started, and we still try to update it even as Abed left the world in Dec 2019. We welcome corrections and omissions. We have attempted here to map the deepest economic miracle

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Imagine building a metavillage in 1972 for 100000 poorest rural (without electricity) peoples in bangladesh (then 90% rural)
what would you do next over 50 years to help sustainability goals of all your people and when mrs steve jobs asks you to start new millennium share sdg learning globally?community 
fortunately a billion poorest asian women joined abed in exploring this question, and if eg glasgow cop26 is humanity's last best chance help us do some homework on the road to his alma mater or any other roads where young gilrs and boys -and communities that love them - want to be the first ddg generations
PERSONAL NOTE FROM DAD of daughter born dc valentines day 1997... I am neither genius nor hero but  think i can see when things are getting better for a community's children; in 1980s as a CANTAB statistician i coordinated about 1000 surveys across asia-where two thirds of humans live for database collected by boston's MIT.Or there's my personal experience deeply biassed as it is: - better was NOT 9/11 or anthrax for my 4 year old nor covid for my 24 year old nor much from washington consensus in between; frankly only 3 things have kept me sane this new millennium beyond a daughter's dreams: visiting bangladesh 15 times notes of which appear here; i I was told both by sir bangladesh's fazle and world bamk's jim kim that franciscan culture is worth absorbing iif you value last mile health so i visited vatican twice; and I was shown other billion girls cases by young asian graduaes who attended abed's 80th birthday party

- whats kept you hoping we can design a world that sustains youth everywhere; my extended family of diaspora scots have been sharing notes in a journal edited by adam smith scholars at sir fazle alma mater- any shared ideas welcome before glasgow cop26 or any other event where 7.5 billion people can try to unite a future worth parenting chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
can you help us log abed's 100 best friends and alumni of sustainability depends on eMpowering the eighth of world who are female younger poorer-abed gravitated billion dollar networking solutions arounf the first 5 sdgs - poverty food security health education community 100% lives/livelihoods matter- as well as goals 17-1 the most trusted local to global partners in deep data innovating as fast as nature's evolutionary designs demand
when we asked sir fazle abed what comes first finance food security health education community- what we heard him say (rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you heard differently) they all come together but all of the practices depend on education and while facing is essential thats only when you have practice solutions wrhy of people lives and lifetimes so lets celebrate 6 ways asia's billion poorest women have changed whats possible with education
Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, our dearest Abed bhai, would have turned 84 today. He may not be with us in person, but his vision, ................

Name and current job with link to past abed coop



01 Henrietta Fore UNICEF director general new york in 2021 fore is most connected person in un networks of education -all of unesco unicef oecd browns 1 2 3 edu commissions and refugee edu networks will debrief at dubai edu expo dec 2021 as will sec general connectors: youth minister; brown's sherif - debriefs on digital cooperation in goals 1 2 3 4

news Generation Unlimited t gu-b 4.3

yidan prize has become since abed's death biggest growth collaboration of abed's education is everything to do with sdg world even more than economists! to understand where its connecting next searches include yidan erum mariam brac yidan luminaries panel- diary eg may 2021 oxford vice chancellor louise richardson - bios of oxford-yidan-  also download latest version may 21-rsvp improvements chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  -first yidan doctoral prize hosted in oxford 27 may -cf jo-anne baird -anne cotton learning guide used by 150000 community girl friendly way above formal curricula; nueva escuela changes dynamic of students teachers- poorest rural schools now led colobia school futures

vicky colbert main aim in rural colombia school help taechers promote confidence in kids to advance at own pace; participate in school governance- girls love doing thig this at nueva escuela where we started schools for poorest of poor and are now seen as a benchmark for future schools - cf paulo freire -new role of teacher as motivator

Lead connector of world economic forum commitmemts to change education- all un edu leaders likely to celebrate ai education leaps at dubai expo along with dubai consisten itu partner #aiforgood


 In 2007,Japan US embassy and JICA first helped me understand Bangladesh social business as a unique model for human development. Probably no surprise that 4.5 bracnet -its internet company connected with  KDDI Japan's number 2 cell company with advice from its investor of origin DEFTA founded by the remarkable Japanese American Stanford grad George Hara






other leads afrca

ashesi university ghana with berkeley future of new university edu -wise layrea 2017 key partners berkeley - most major us tech africa diaspora

africa's largest corporation has emerged by accident of investing in tencent 20 years ago- its based i south africa and looking at what education investments it can make

HU 4.1-4 





















2021 commitments relevant to fazle abed compass of education empowering women and poorest

HU4.1-4.6 UNICEF"S FORE Promising to coordinate learning passports and action report dubai december rewired21 with all UN edu leaders eg envoy gordon brown unesco leader oecd leader ; un hq newsleader on refugee edu,


without James Grant- UNICEF dir gen's late 1970s + coop with BRA/CRA on vaccinating and hydrating a nations infants and mother one billion villagers in bangladesh and china would not have started up the journey of ending extreme rural poverty; although abeds rural keynsian model ie microfranchising was different that china's village capitalism models - life critical action learning networks in health multiply value in use in exactly opposite ways than zero sum thing consumption - see also neumann above zero sum games

harry daniels from oxford doing wonderful work on which youth/cultures excluded from uk schools - estimates range from 200000 to over million in england- scotland slightly better 

yidanlaureate carl 2021 transforming stem- now see science different wsy of making better decisions relevant to allfields; ALSO CHANGING VIEW OF HOW BRAIN WORKS- FROM L=OLD TIMES ASSUMED STATIC OF THAT PERSON'S BRAiN NOT WHAT EXPERINCES PERSON RECEIVE; NOW FINDING EVERY ASUMPTION STATIC EDUCATION MADE IS WRONG- GOOD EDU CAN GIVE NEW EXPERIENCES FOR YOUTH TO SELECT FROM-DEVELOPING WAY PERSONS NEURONS WIRED UP-SEE ALSO VON NEUMANN LAST LECTURES- dosions active versus passive- learner-centric versus podium; collaboratve versus each child is an island

female professor - so many silos in secondary curricula- even subsilios eg science though covid19 biology of virus chemistry; of virus politics; of communication maths of diffusion- why do we expect students to make link if we examine opposite... worse adult case gemans expert panel on how to deal with covid - philosopher included to ask difficult question!!  not arguing get rod of disciples- important to understand how disciple domain woks but must translate across disciplines- thats where innovation ops of 2020s are- 

we asked 1000 students and researchers what they thought of mess cf 2010 mooc ola reseach.... nee teacher learning communities- end passive consumption of curricula

tom see shadows of few teachers that make difference and others who cant change the system in every stat i look at

countries have different styles- us you are right or wrong - in some asia country teacher encourages explain your view

larry: edu rife faddism - too may panaceas evaluated over short term instead of systematic mapping what we were trying to change- disroups cause and effects..-while understanding his analysis of past failures to leap- does not seem to be aware of ai decade speed of demand to

big issue most k-12 teachers dont understand what university research does!

new breed of systemic reviewer of edu - unfortunately its own professions not clearly future-back - eg 30 research clearing houses worldwide

issue of researchers using specialised languages - best use of research houses translates this jargon

also research houses customers fuzzy- worst if used to make party political decision

click for larger HUNIcorn pictures .
  HUNI17-6:YOUTH SME partners as first  sustainability gen         HUNI2:food

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