Join in celebrating the 30 most productive collaborations 2020-1970 of women empowered sustainability generation goals 1 -5 and help log advances to 2025 Fazle Abed partners and 1billion girls mapped these 30 collaborations -six each for education , health, food/land, finance to end poverty, societal platforms for partners in 100% community (women as productive as men, young & old, colored & white
education opportunities 4.1 adult skills; 4.2 primary; 4.3 teen ; 4.4 university; 4.5 pre-school ;4.6 multidisciplinary education luminaries health opportunities
3.1 oral rehydration 3.2 para health "doordash" basic medicines 3.3 scale vaccination 3.4 tuberculosis 3.5 Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity; 3.6 James Grant School of public health food/land opportunities
2.1 rice 2.2 veggie 2.3 cash crops & village fair2.4 poultry 2.5 dairy, 2.6 14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty
1.1 change aid (sustainable charity), microfinance+, 1.3 ultra poor, 1.4 city bank 1.5 bkash, 1.6 hq2 brac intl netherlands
platforms for 100% lives matter community (women as productive as men , all skin cols equal opportunity etc)
5.1 100k person metavillage; 1 billion asian women, brac net, 5.4 100 asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5 climate smart village exchanges, 5.6 zoom me up scotty: 2022: year 264 in search of moral market leadership

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

abed the first foundation leader to listen and serve?

 if you look at some fazle abed youtubes, you'll see how often he says - my first attempt to design a solution went werong

eg from the start when he was going to rebuild homes for 15000 familirs- he mentions i got over some western architects - east pakistan army had flattened the housing in this region as its final act of war- the westerners started mapping out a main street but the local people said we'd prefer you rebuild on the plots the way they were

to be clear once engineer bed got started noboidy has ever built 15000 homes as efficiently; he made a large ordr of bamboo from india to the north which where a million logs were steered own river to the building site; he ordered tin from malaysia; the local men did most of the building - since there are no electricity grids or running water we are talking one room huts with forecourt to cook on and a pit latrine for sanition- about 20$ a house

and that was top 0f 700 projects oxfam had sponsored in the early 1970s establishiing abed as the most trusted bottom up organisation the west had ever dealt with

but once the village was built, abed realised with horror that while culture dictated the women stay in the village they had no livelihhods

so he needed to start designing microfranchises - for their on food secuity and serving local healthneeds; oncetrained a micrfranchise owner had a ppositive income business model  and all the value produced stayed with the women villager

having tested solutions that worked in the metavillage- eg one mother could walk round 300 homes a week selling basic non-prescription medicines and over time become the most trusted cmmunity health worker

but with no telecos, patchy litercy almost every solution had to be action learning networked peson to person- this built the most collaborative village cultures ever seen -

-can you imagine a nation built on continuous community service over 50 years -  as far as we know only by seeing how abed's 36 hunicorns fit together will ever see all the details ... as a maths guy i like to use the idea of maps; a map is only as useful as its connections; one broken connection, one miscommunication of how when where to link in and the map isnt usable- try out abeds network maps then cmpare with any other organisatio leader- which would you trust more with your family's lives or livelihoods

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