RAISING >2 BILLION HUMANS INTELLIGENCES BY 25 YEARS. After helping with recovery 1970 cyclone killing half a million of his compatriots, Fazle Abed was nearly assassinated by his employer Royal Dutch Shell and the Pakistani army. Fortunately he spent his remaining 50 years celebrating intelligence development of the poorest 2 billion parents notably growth of 1billiongirls. For over quarter of a century all networking was done by word of mouth and sight of book because in Asia 20th c village life still meant no access to electricity grids or telephone lines. Fortunately both Computing Whizs Jobs & Gates were both partly dis-satisfied with western apps of pc networks which they had begun in 1984. Around 2001 they both hosted silicon valley 65th birthday wish parties for Abed as global village tech envoy. Partners in life critical challenges had begun to bring abed's village mothers solar and mobile to co-create with. Abed changed the way Jobs saw tech futures of education (see ) and how Gates saw global health fund foundations and overall the valley's university stanford started to see as far as intelligence of Women and Youth goes the most life critical knowhow for 2 billion humans wasnt directly measurable in 90 day monetary flows; it was measurable in increased life expectancy by over 25 years during Abed's community servant leadership. Probably the greatest lift in intelligence until celebrations of what Fei-Fei Li opened the worlds eyes to in 2012, and Melinda Gates and Nvidia's Jensen Huang were first to helped AIforall lift since 2014.

Saturday, December 31, 1988

5.5 climate adaptation - one of the longest collaboration networks

when you map bangladesh (low lying delta) it appears one of the most vulnerable densely populated but rural places in the world with oceans rise eg to polar meltdown so no surprise fazle abed was designing social business eg  forestry as early as 1988; trees were jobs/business microfranchises for villagers green foundations invest in - other famous early green belt movements by rural people include wangari mathaai out of kenya

given the urgency (many have only recently understood cop26) abed anticipated that many climate adaptation solutions need nationwide scaling/architecture ultimately needing government mapping so or in the case of solar brac helped incubate  efficient franchises for doing this from 1998 but passed them over to government partnerships from the 2010s

with 33 years collaboration action learning networks you can expect brac women to be as concerned as anyone on the planet about transparently partnering sustainability of next generation - clearly the challenges of development of those who have historically used the least carbon are the second loop round humanity uniting to prevent extinction by nature - help us at economistdiary.com ecop26.com greenbigbang.com - join brac partner bard college in animating 1000 + teachs in every earth day