20th century intelligence - ending poverty of half world without electricity -although Keynes 1936 (last capter general theiry money inetrest emplymen) asked Economists to take hipocrati oath as the profession that ended extreme poverty, most economists did the opposite. Whats not understandable is how educatirs failed to catalogue the lessons of the handful who bottom-up empowered vilages to collaboratively end poverty. There are mainly 2 inteligences to understand- Borlaug on food; fazle abed on everything that raised life expectancy in tropical viage asia from low 40s to 60s (about 7 below norm of living with electricity and telecomes). Between 1972 and 2001, Abed's lessons catalogued in this mooc had largelu built the nation of Bangladesh and been replicated with help of Unicef's James Grant acroo most tropical asian areas. What's exciting is the valley's mr ad mrs steve jobs invted Fazle Abed to share inteligences 2001 at his 65th birthday party. The Jobs and frineds promised to integrate abed's inteligence into neighborhod university stanfrd which in any event wanted Jobs next great leap the iphone. The Valley told abed to start a university so that women graduates from poor and rich nations could blend inteligence as Abed's bottom of the pyramid vilage began their journey of leapfrog modles now that gridd infarstructures were ni longer needed for sdiar and mobile. Abed could also help redesign the millennium goals which were being greenwashed into a shared worldwide system coding frame by 2016. There re at Abed's 80th birtday party , the easy bitwas checking this mooc was uptodate. The hard bit - what did Abed mean by his wish to headhunt a taiwanese american to head the university's 3rd decade starting 2020?

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4.3 help catalogue list of missing curriculum of 11 and plus

4.3  the lancet argued through 2010s that one of biggest missing curricula needs a peer to peer format for adolescent health- some of it like menstruation girls only

south africa helped extend from a university of the underprivileged to 7th grade various connect curricula- bransons entrepreneurship being the most famous but taddy blecher ofter told me that the mental health and consciousness curricula based on maharishi was the intended cultural gift of all  alumni



in paralle and arguably a more subtle but confidence-building curriculum has been announcee by the united nations june 2021 



This first of its kind curriculum acknowledges the immeasurable resilience of adolescents living in crisis settings, encouraging them to use their experience to become their potential.

View Original

28 June 2021, New York – 
Education Cannot Wait (ECW) – the United Nations global fund for education in emergencies – is developing a curriculum derived from the seminal work of world-renowned psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”, and its related branch of psychotherapy, Logotherapy. The curriculum, which has been preliminary field-tested in Uganda, aims to fully tap into the resilience of girls and boys living in crisis settings.

Psychosocial support is a core component of the holistic education programmes supported by ECW and its partners to help adolescent girls and boys in armed conflicts, forced displacement, climate change-related disasters and protracted crises to cope with the incommensurable hardship and adversity they face. 

“Crisis-affected girls and boys endure abnormal challenges of armed conflicts, widespread violations of their human rights, chronic insecurity and constant threats to their lives and sense of safety. To achieve quality learning outcomes and empower them to thrive towards their potential, one must address their trauma and experiences of adversity. By empowering them to find a meaning in their experience, they stand greater chances of healing, unleashing their resilience and becoming positive agents of change in all walks of life. Logotherapy is a forward-looking and profound approach that ignites the strength of the human spirit,” said Yasmine Sherif, Director of Education Cannot Wait.

“With this ground-breaking curriculum we want to shift the dominant narrative that hardship prevents young people from achieving their goals or fully living their story of life. Viktor Frankl provides an empirical and inspiring example of how extreme hardship can actually fuel global contributions. At Education Cannot Wait, this is also our stance. We want to empower children and adolescents in armed conflicts and forcible displacement to turn their gruesome adversity into ultimate hope and capacity to shed their light of  knowledge, wisdom and compassion onto their communities, nations and the rest of the world.”

Frankl posits that human beings can withstand significant suffering if they can access meaning and hope and recognize their choices and potential. Frankl tested his research while enduring Nazi concentration camps in World War II. The themes he conveys include dehumanization, profound loss, injustice, and unspeakable cruelty. Without making comparisons, Frankl presented logotherapy in his world-renowned book, “Man’s Search for a Meaning,” which is today universally recognized as one of the top schools of thoughts in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS). Thus, all of these concepts are relatable and relevant to adolescent girls and boys living in conflict and disaster-affected communities.

By providing a curriculum as a global good, ECW aims to offer a structured alternative approach to partners who work with adolescents experiencing hardship. Through dialogue, reflection and activities focused on the life and teachings of Viktor Frankl – as well as role models such as Malala Yousafzai, Wangari Maathai, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela – young people will explore how to create connection, find meaning, imagine a different future, and contribute to the world in big and small ways. ECW supported the field-testing of the curriculum package – titled “An Instruction Manual for Life” – with groups of adolescents in a non-formal community setting with upper secondary students in Northern Uganda in early 2021.

Initial results from the testing found that young people and facilitators enthusiastically embraced the curriculum as “relevant, exciting, engaging, and new.” Youth reported high satisfaction and showed that they learned and internalized key concepts. Facilitators expressed strong interest in the curriculum as they felt that local schools fell short in supporting adolescents in profound and critical thinking, individual expression and self-reflection to access their resilience, inner strength, hopes and dreams.

Based on the feedback of the field testing, ECW filmed introductory videos to accompany each of the three “blocks” of the curriculum: “Deep Dive”, “Find Your Meaning” and “Dream Big.”

Watch videos

Watch all the ECW Logotherapy Life Lessons Videos on our playlist

Additional testing will be conducted before the curriculum is finalized and published.
For more information on the curriculum, please contact info@un-ecw.org

Note to Editors
About Education Cannot Wait:
Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is the United Nations global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises. We support quality education outcomes for refugee, internally displaced and other crisis-affected girls and boys, so no one is left behind. ECW works through the multilateral system to both increase the speed of responses in crises and connect immediate relief and longer-term interventions through multi-year programming. ECW works in close partnership with governments, public and private donors, UN agencies, civil society organizations, and other humanitarian and development aid actors to increase efficiencies and end siloed responses. We urgently appeal to public and private sector donors for $400 million to reach even more crisis-affected girls and boys. ECW is administered under UNICEF’s financial, human resources and administrative rules and regulations; operations are run by the Fund’s own independent governance structure.  

On Twitter, please follow: @EduCannotWait @YasmineSherif1 @KentPage 

Additional information available at: www.educationcannotwait.org

4.3 why sustainability may yet depend on how we spend youths time from 11+ 4.4

abed-japan embassy debrief 2012 quite frankly millennial goals up to 2015 overemphasised primaryaid  to exclusion of livelihoods and teens needs - as early as mid 1990s we were forced into being the world's beyond the classroom teens girls metalab but that may not be a bad thing- pretty much every community livelihood girls can own now has peer to peer mentoring clubs somewhere across brac international 12 countries -hi touch networking

37th annual update 2025report.com on education determines sustainability

===============if we are to leap forward in 21-22 we must get tech right for teens starting with women in most desperately challenged livesmatter communities

asia is discussing this through alumni and zoom summits of www.educommissionasia.org which starts 6 months of asia leading world change in education - see december's triple reports of the year - yidan hong kong; wise qatar;   rewired2021.com dubai and un and uae expo relay with japan

if there is anywhere that might change beyond classroom in usa try moving along with  czi 


 why did all 4 industrial revolutions devalue what sdg teens needed most?

the british empire system was designed to examine out 99% of youth as fast as possible- to adminster the empire you needed to be of one mindset intellectuslly- anyone whose talents could have been pracxtica - eg artistic was the first to be examined out; 

although flow studies of maximising human potential eg csik recomment maximising time each person spebds at the experiemtial edge of the most unique skill- few western edu systems permit that- in usa you getexamined or you become a top sports star or your on the streets

compare this with nordica langiage of we hsave no bad schools, no standard exams, no homework- all our communities are safe energetic places for teens to engage their afternoons in ...

when you look to abed alumni contributions to 11-17 education- you do have to look practice by practice; until 2015 millennium goal aid focused only on primary schols getting every child in one - so in the developing world, secondary funding is extremely scarce

the fact that this forces skill by skill investments - eg coding schools for teenage girls, oeer to peer adolescent girls health training, girls small enterprise clubs in ten skills women provide to women from haircutting to garment design may not be a bad thing but you certainly need to look specifically for whos inspired who for abed 4.3


when it comes to white empire history of not valuing most teens you might want to check out my fathers 1986 survey in the economist which rewinds back to the start of adam smith's industrial revolution and appraisal of what oxford's purpose was in selecting which teens it neded and what it would do to them

ppt download

this survey is dad's more detailed follow up to the 1984 book i co-authored - the 2025 report- why transforming education will determine extinction or sustainability- and why deadline exponentials will reveal last chances through 2020s

4.4 brac university begins 2001 - cornerstone of generations future and past

bangladesh may be the most densely packed and poorest 150 million person nation but it has more to do with humanity's future than most  places - on the risk side it will be washed out if climate goes wrong, on the moral sentiments side nowhere have women set more courageous examples as family and community builders

the country is a cornerstone of mother earth! 

brac university

one of abed's last messages to the university

brac university was started in 2001

like many institutions founded by sir fazle, the university is designed to double its impact every two or three years- on the one hand it aims to deeply appreciate its students - their place in life - perhaps more than any other university- on graduating in the 2020s a student should intend to more than double the impact of her peer networks every 2.5 years if there is to be a sustainability generation; prepare to explote how much old stuff becomes redundant even as part of society fear the unprecedented speed of innovation 

on the other hand the university wasnt just about the prospects of its students or faculty but the whole nation and the nations impact on women empowerment and sdg partnerships everywhere- before sir fazle abed parted from mother earth, he'd built the largest civic society partnership in the world and the university can be seen to be youths networking connections everywhere that the younger half of the world are trying to become the first sustainability generation; in this regard abed's role in founding brac can be compared with that of stanford junior- the 5th governor of california having lost his son to an infectious disease during a tour of europe committed the rest of his life to every californian child- stanford was to continue that as probably the only university in the west where moores law of 100 times more tech eash decade looks as if it is happening monthly 

if this sounds a big ask for a university out of dhaka,  consider 3 movements abed put the university at the epicente of now that brac research had a university platform in addition to its original village platforms 5.1 5.2 and 1996 bracnet 5.3

436 the james grant college was opened from the start- this to be the home of the world leadhing helath knowledge brac women had networked from the day they started marketing the nations cholera lab invention of oral rehydration

next abed wanted to develop both for finance and for education the first way in - if his global legacy included partnerships with a financial services solution for people 1.3 too poor to use microfinance and for the earliest age 4.5 children can school; then brac would succeed in being the cornerstone of wherever education and finance takes hunans hopefuly sustainable journey into millennium 3

in posts 4.4 we collate info on the origin of the university; in 5.4 we look at the university as a collab platform for the last 20 years of abed's life and the legacy he hoped all abed partners and students would advance 

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xi x2 x3 x4 x5 x6

 abed mooc's 6 missing networks -back from sustainability 2030

while a lot of abed alumni data has gone into cataloguing 6 collab networks for each of the 5 deepest goals

we are still working on 6 goals that can integrate all 17 sdg compasses

probably x1 = purposes of markets valuing younger half of world as the first sg generation - eg even markets like sports, fashions, music largely co-created by youth are nowhere near sustainability's true purpose as every force for fake media shows - perhaps the enduring lesson of how japan has been bullied into olympics timing will be that the youth who lead each sport take back that sports administration - www.economistsports.net - it will be particularly interesting to see which champions want a second life representing their races sdgs

x2 we would like to see womens workd develop green league tables of nations- there should not be just one table- indeed ai needs to keep questioning- are the richest playing their far share? have we actually got say top 10 crises from arctic circle melting dwn, from fish no longer inhabiting oceans to infrastucures designed so community scaled enterprises thrive- there are obviously energy and chemical sectors whose purpose define whether we will go carbon zero in time; there are other sectors eg agriculture, water distribution, fashions that use natural resources unsustainably, then there are some virtual resources that may themselves use little resources but which miseducate of mis-app massively non-sustainable behaviors; you can see that finding a name for x2 isnt simple but itcan be double-checked- where historically have male macroeconomists devalued work like bringing up children or serving elders because they have done this through love and not monetisation 

x3 every global profession needs to come out with greatest exponential risk it has externalised and been asked to do this by its biggest cliets; for example goodwill represents up to 90% of organisations most advanced in ir1 to ir4 but there are no transparent metrics - even the type of measure -exponential isread of number is not yet transparent

x4 the very poorest communities of different types - or for each other sdg the most disadvantaged communities facing that goals most extreme challenges are where we need data and mediation to be intehrated- otherwise those who need sustainability most wont get it and will be extinguished first; somehow those most deeply embedded in communities - the mother theresas or the st francis need to be twinned with tech wizards - this hasnt happened the way venture capital in silicon valley spun round unicorns instead of including any hunicorns

x5 we need blenind of infrastructure everywhere real and virtual so every community is a great (at least sustainable) place to be born into- one example discussed at davos agenda jan 021 and promised by both unicek and un @aiforgood geneva; gps tech can help us map where every school is; we can map schools from zeo to 100% digital access; by making sure this data is on everyone screnpage or is valued as a mpbile app; we can make sure eey year narrows the digital divide- in parallel every teacher needs to be trained in imagining what each grade can leap forward in doing once linkedin; in most nations you hace to pass a test to drive a car; 21st c teaching needs a quiz which enables a community's teacher to behavorally understand whay youth will need most mentoring in adapting to the hi tech hi touch age - see education commission asia for more

x6 what will be most different about 2020s is more and more systems once governed by humans will become autonomus- this aspect of humanising ai sustainably is nt widely discussed - what this means is every community needs to twn with thoses who do understand this - eg staford has some great  practice networks; the association www.futureoflife.org offers a staring point- do your region have a member of life; if so how do your communities mediate with the member?

5.6 zoom me up scottie or nationals from anywhere on mother earth -mothers/natures greatest lesson collaboration space

breaking for climate day 2022 mother nature came to me .. let it Zbee

possibly the greatest education collaboration is happening now as world class zoom summits get turned into short action learning modules for each grade and every sustainability goal- for real time examples fall 2021 start at how can we connect 9th international skills education summit of asian development bank with what teachers near you need to apply to students celebration as first sustainability generation

 https://www.daily-sun.com/post/440017/Sir-Fazle-Hasan-Abed-honoured-in-Singapore-Diaspora-Convention dear liz/singapore diaspora-- i hope your return to singapore is going well and covid is past; http://www.brac.net/latest-news/item/1248-sir-fazle-hasan-abed-presented-with-outstanding-member-of-the-south-asian-diaspora-award  . according to our journalist circles focused on sir fazle abed : singapore - leaders like lee kuan yew. mahbubani, all its colleges and belief in youth - inspired abed continuously particularly when other parts of asia started quarrelling with each other with or without the interference of western trolls like trump. it would always be wonderful to hear of your progress drawing on unique tech connections of japan germany/swiss and singapore- singapore is also one of only 3 places i trust to humanising big data www.aisingapore.org and getting rid of manual government when real time platforms can serve/engage -or even blockchain - all the people/communities more transparently..  best to you, chris 

www.unsingapore.com  -- ps i was sad that world economic forum cancelled singapore august- schwab and abed (in // to schwab and lula who had helped marry porto alegre's social and economic world forum) were extremely close from 2005 onwards trying to go beyond the trivial social entrepreneur and green networks of ashoka, skoll and triple bottom line elkington and most of the west's scary impact hubs- i would have loved to have seen what the intended speakers agenda had been; i know the lady who is on weforum board to organise all AI and human capital components and to linkin san francisco as one of 5 major capitals linking schwabs succession  along any transformational part of weforum leadership studies- i need to work out a smart question to ask her- it is beginning to look as if real activities at un sdg assembly september and cop26 are going to be shuttered- where on earth will youth ever meet each other again?  www.economistdiary.com -related once the clinton global forum had waned as the big fringe event to the unga seot ny, both bloomberg and schwab hosted events- although these brainstormed the worlds most urgent crises they were invite only until covid turned summits into zooms where the public could look in; we are left in a strange situation starting the new student and un year next month- will real summits ever come back? and if they do will they blend more inclusion than the history of global summits managed - see also https://ungaguide.com/events/

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Imagine building a metavillage in 1972 for 100000 poorest rural (without electricity) peoples in bangladesh (then 90% rural)
what would you do next over 50 years to help sustainability goals of all your people and when mrs steve jobs asks you to start new millennium share sdg learning globally?community 
fortunately a billion poorest asian women joined abed in exploring this question, and if eg glasgow cop26 is humanity's last best chance help us do some homework on the road to his alma mater or any other roads where young gilrs and boys -and communities that love them - want to be the first ddg generations
PERSONAL NOTE FROM DAD of daughter born dc valentines day 1997... I am neither genius nor hero but  think i can see when things are getting better for a community's children; in 1980s as a CANTAB statistician i coordinated about 1000 surveys across asia-where two thirds of humans live for database collected by boston's MIT.Or there's my personal experience deeply biassed as it is: - better was NOT 9/11 or anthrax for my 4 year old nor covid for my 24 year old nor much from washington consensus in between; frankly only 3 things have kept me sane this new millennium beyond a daughter's dreams: visiting bangladesh 15 times notes of which appear here; i I was told both by sir bangladesh's fazle and world bamk's jim kim that franciscan culture is worth absorbing iif you value last mile health so i visited vatican twice; and I was shown other billion girls cases by young asian graduaes who attended abed's 80th birthday party

- whats kept you hoping we can design a world that sustains youth everywhere; my extended family of diaspora scots have been sharing notes in a journal edited by adam smith scholars at sir fazle alma mater- any shared ideas welcome before glasgow cop26 or any other event where 7.5 billion people can try to unite a future worth parenting chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
can you help us log abed's 100 best friends and alumni of sustainability depends on eMpowering the eighth of world who are female younger poorer-abed gravitated billion dollar networking solutions arounf the first 5 sdgs - poverty food security health education community 100% lives/livelihoods matter- as well as goals 17-1 the most trusted local to global partners in deep data innovating as fast as nature's evolutionary designs demand
when we asked sir fazle abed what comes first finance food security health education community- what we heard him say (rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you heard differently) they all come together but all of the practices depend on education and while facing is essential thats only when you have practice solutions wrhy of people lives and lifetimes so lets celebrate 6 ways asia's billion poorest women have changed whats possible with education
Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, our dearest Abed bhai, would have turned 84 today. He may not be with us in person, but his vision, ................

Name and current job with link to past abed coop



01 Henrietta Fore UNICEF director general new york in 2021 fore is most connected person in un networks of education -all of unesco unicef oecd browns 1 2 3 edu commissions and refugee edu networks will debrief at dubai edu expo dec 2021 as will sec general connectors: youth minister; brown's sherif - debriefs on digital cooperation in goals 1 2 3 4

news Generation Unlimited t gu-b 4.3

yidan prize has become since abed's death biggest growth collaboration of abed's education is everything to do with sdg world even more than economists! to understand where its connecting next searches include yidan erum mariam brac yidan luminaries panel- diary eg may 2021 oxford vice chancellor louise richardson - bios of oxford-yidan-  also download latest version may 21-rsvp improvements chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  -first yidan doctoral prize hosted in oxford 27 may -cf jo-anne baird -anne cotton learning guide used by 150000 community girl friendly way above formal curricula; nueva escuela changes dynamic of students teachers- poorest rural schools now led colobia school futures

vicky colbert main aim in rural colombia school help taechers promote confidence in kids to advance at own pace; participate in school governance- girls love doing thig this at nueva escuela where we started schools for poorest of poor and are now seen as a benchmark for future schools - cf paulo freire -new role of teacher as motivator

Lead connector of world economic forum commitmemts to change education- all un edu leaders likely to celebrate ai education leaps at dubai expo along with dubai consisten itu partner #aiforgood


 In 2007,Japan US embassy and JICA first helped me understand Bangladesh social business as a unique model for human development. Probably no surprise that 4.5 bracnet -its internet company connected with  KDDI Japan's number 2 cell company with advice from its investor of origin DEFTA founded by the remarkable Japanese American Stanford grad George Hara






other leads afrca

ashesi university ghana with berkeley future of new university edu -wise layrea 2017 key partners berkeley - most major us tech africa diaspora

africa's largest corporation has emerged by accident of investing in tencent 20 years ago- its based i south africa and looking at what education investments it can make

HU 4.1-4 





















2021 commitments relevant to fazle abed compass of education empowering women and poorest

HU4.1-4.6 UNICEF"S FORE Promising to coordinate learning passports and action report dubai december rewired21 with all UN edu leaders eg envoy gordon brown unesco leader oecd leader ; un hq newsleader on refugee edu,


without James Grant- UNICEF dir gen's late 1970s + coop with BRA/CRA on vaccinating and hydrating a nations infants and mother one billion villagers in bangladesh and china would not have started up the journey of ending extreme rural poverty; although abeds rural keynsian model ie microfranchising was different that china's village capitalism models - life critical action learning networks in health multiply value in use in exactly opposite ways than zero sum thing consumption - see also neumann above zero sum games

harry daniels from oxford doing wonderful work on which youth/cultures excluded from uk schools - estimates range from 200000 to over million in england- scotland slightly better 

yidanlaureate carl 2021 transforming stem- now see science different wsy of making better decisions relevant to allfields; ALSO CHANGING VIEW OF HOW BRAIN WORKS- FROM L=OLD TIMES ASSUMED STATIC OF THAT PERSON'S BRAiN NOT WHAT EXPERINCES PERSON RECEIVE; NOW FINDING EVERY ASUMPTION STATIC EDUCATION MADE IS WRONG- GOOD EDU CAN GIVE NEW EXPERIENCES FOR YOUTH TO SELECT FROM-DEVELOPING WAY PERSONS NEURONS WIRED UP-SEE ALSO VON NEUMANN LAST LECTURES- dosions active versus passive- learner-centric versus podium; collaboratve versus each child is an island

female professor - so many silos in secondary curricula- even subsilios eg science though covid19 biology of virus chemistry; of virus politics; of communication maths of diffusion- why do we expect students to make link if we examine opposite... worse adult case gemans expert panel on how to deal with covid - philosopher included to ask difficult question!!  not arguing get rod of disciples- important to understand how disciple domain woks but must translate across disciplines- thats where innovation ops of 2020s are- 

we asked 1000 students and researchers what they thought of mess cf 2010 mooc ola reseach.... nee teacher learning communities- end passive consumption of curricula

tom see shadows of few teachers that make difference and others who cant change the system in every stat i look at

countries have different styles- us you are right or wrong - in some asia country teacher encourages explain your view

larry: edu rife faddism - too may panaceas evaluated over short term instead of systematic mapping what we were trying to change- disroups cause and effects..-while understanding his analysis of past failures to leap- does not seem to be aware of ai decade speed of demand to

big issue most k-12 teachers dont understand what university research does!

new breed of systemic reviewer of edu - unfortunately its own professions not clearly future-back - eg 30 research clearing houses worldwide

issue of researchers using specialised languages - best use of research houses translates this jargon

also research houses customers fuzzy- worst if used to make party political decision

click for larger HUNIcorn pictures .
  HUNI17-6:YOUTH SME partners as first  sustainability gen         HUNI2:food