Friends of Fazle Abed study world class scaling of what we now call UN Sustainability Goals but Abed in 1972 first called Goal 1 Poverty alleviation when he founded BRA-C (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Collabs so that Bangladesh became the first nation empowered by poorest village women. Start with 3 favorite wESG (womens Entrepreneurial Scaling Goals : human collaborations of 100K ::1billion :: 50million

  • *** 100000 lives matter eg 5.1 metavillage= 1972

  • ...***1billion girls action networking -eg 3.1 oral rehydration

  • ***50 million graduate Apps: 5.4 purpose of first 100 new unis of sdg generation - over the last half century the greatest human development miracle (extra ref schumacher 1 million bilages) has been networked by 1 billion poorest asian village women -here we invite you to help map the 30 collaborations they linkedin - their chief guide 2019-1970 the former oil company executive fazle abed- In spite of being pivotal to how one quarter of all human beings progressed (and by far the deepest co-creators of Sustainability goal solutions- nobody ever printed any paper money for them - its only since innovating the world's largest cashless banking 1.5 systems that many westerners even began to study 21st C happiest possibilities with them.
Out of Bangladesh, village mothers hired 100000 village coaches - webbed 30 collaborations - giant leaps for womankind & youth as first sustainability generation
Intergenerational collaboration entrepreneur platforms 5.1  metavillage sustainable community building - women empowered:15000 families at a time;5.2   billion asian women,5.3  brac net; 5.4   asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5  climate smart village exchanges,5.6 meta and zoom-me up scotty
BANK FOR ALL 1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6 celebrate 30 most human collaborations from developing world of last half-century - inspiring  anyone valuing UN and youth as first sustainability generation
EDUCATION  adult village entrepreneurs 4.1; primary 4.2  ; teen 4.3; university4.4 ; pre-school4.5;tech multidisciplinary luminaries 4.6 
HEALTH oral rehydration 3.1 ;para health "doordash" basic meds 3,2; scale vaccination3.3 ;tuberculosis & 3.4  Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity3.5  ; James Grant School of public health 3.6
FOOD/land security 2.1  rice; 2.2 veggie  2.3    cash crops & village fair; 2.4  poultry;2.5  dairy, 2,6  14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty ;

UN says: Today's Education Systems No Longer Fit for PurposeAt we search out collaboration events- most exciting in 2022 - UN total transformation of education -september NY; Neumann's families collaboration search AI Hall of Fame; fen ale owners of transmedia race to humanise the metaverse... started from a brainstorming dinner convened by Japan Ambassador to Dhaka who noticed my father's surveys of Asia Rising begun with Japan 1962 (endorsed by JF Kennedy) had not completely detailed Bangladesh Rural Advancement's  contributions to sustaining humanity and celebrating nation building through women empowerment . Dad's last public birthday party had celebrated launch of Muhammad Yunus Global Social Business Book February 2008 with 40 guests at Royal Automobile Club, St James, London. Father had also paid for sampling 2000 of Yunus books, 10000 dvds (youtube style interviews with all grameen directors during summer 2008 when the Nobel judges opened Yunus Museum in Mirpur, as well as part of launch of 2 Journals by Adam Smith Scholars in Glasgow that had emerged from Yunus making the 250th keynote speech on Adam Smith Moral Sentiments Dec 2008. But Fazle Abed whom my father never got the chance to meet had started 11 years before Yunus Grameen Bank 1983 Ordinance , built health and agricultural foundations, and then schooling -altogether a 5 dimensions approach that was not possible to appreciate from onee dimensional microcreditsummit yunus the clintons, queen Sofia staged annually from 1997. Abed said we could do a Mooc if it was laid out round C for collaborations. He was keen to map how 6  Collabs per the 5 primary sdgs had been integrated through 2 quarters of a century 1972-1995 when rural meant no electricity grids or phones; 1995 when partnering platforms afforded extraordinary leapfrog models that could be designed with mobile networks and solar. It took 16 trips while Abed was alive (and the curiosity og many graduate journalists _ to get this mooc started, and we still try to update it even as Abed left the world in Dec 2019. We welcome corrections and omissions. We have attempted here to map the deepest economic miracle

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 From the early 1200s St Francis built bridges between Europe and Asia by promising his male alumni would linkin environmental knowhow and his sisters the Clares would help develop community health. Perhaps it is fitting that the western world's number 1 AI valley stretches from Francis to Clara via Stanford Junior's university dedocated to serve all California youth after the 8th gov of CA only child died in his teens of a water born disease he had been infected by during the family's Eurotour to Rome. 

Fast forward to 1960s and decade 1 of von neumann survey with The Economisr :what good can humans unite with 100 times more tech per decade? What we also know is that while north american men were racing to the moon, latin americans mediated a survey which catholic culture do we want to ground and communally live up to? Paulo Freire prosed Francian education system designs - pedagogy of the oppressed; and the idea once again chimed with Muslim South Asian community building through the first 50 years of women empowerment celebrated by former Shell regional CEO Fazle Abed. As 90% of the new nation of Bangladesh cooperated around motherly love and business entrepreneurship - in this mooc we catalogue 30 of motherly love's most energising cooperation networks of all time - probably the smartest action learning millennial youth wanting to be tthe first sustainability generation can get, and demand AI helps them humanuse


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wcbact   raison d'etre

Being the world’s number 1 brand leadership cooperation empowering female millennials as first sdg generation is a huge challenge. The more you succeed the more you are likely to be courted by the world's moist powerful who knowingly or unknowingly start to greenwash you. Imagine that challenge when coupled with successions angst during the last few years of 50 years of leadesrship. This is what world class brands architects have been helping cross-check since Abed kindly guested at 2 remembrance parties of my dad Norman convened by Japan Ambassador ro Bangladesh.

Prime reasons for hoping brac’s purpose will grow beyond abed’slife

On the 12 years that I knew Sir Fazle no topic came up more than brac’s life after Abed of our times. We have been incredibly fortunate to have had ...



5 coop platforms Women scaling 100000 person communities win-wins - quarter of world's bottom oy pyramid empowered by 1 billion women

4 ED for life

At  peak of pre-digital villages,  brac employed over 100000 village trainers of microfranchses who also book-kept until tech reduced that manual labor- after which they could fully focus on their practice. Brac never had to invent credit cards as way of keeping staff employed. As community skills leaders brac education design was led by lumonaraies delighted to help teachers change not just education unions, pensioned to maintain old systems' hierarchies, and silos

3 Last mile health

2 Last mile food

1995 from the beginning of digital influences to village life , fazle abed raced to own the 14 national value chains with most strategic depth for integrating poorest villagers\\R&D of chains to end poverty is opposite of chain owner who seeks to take from every layer every quarter

1 Financial platforms end poverty

Brac financial services were integrated with nation building making zero chabce of any take over by a global banking corporation

Brac was never investing in property or other bubbles – simply next skills communities neod t flourish round youth as first sustainbility generation. Brac was also anchored to the most diverse data relevant to the age of digital data analytics

 If you look at the 5 innovation streams in one of brac’s organisational architecture, there are  many w3ays to pivot across the theatres of actions – lets go through the  6 main finance-to-end poverty components to checkout any risks

1.1   going beyond aid 1.0 to 2.0 , 3.0 . what abed invented from the start was sustainable business models instead of charity – and bottom up ones at that keeping data deep. That’s a trend that is only accelerating as millennials strive to blend their own intellects with the artificials. And nature’s evolutionary audit is bottom up and open- Cooperation was always the password to getting abed interested in deepening goal-LED ACTIONS

1.2     When one reads all the bad press microcredit got as the 20 year summit process went from getting yunus a peace prize to IPO’s and all sorts of sad news, you might think worry brac microfinance plus will be the week link. Firstly microcreditsummit and indeed every american professor who claimed to understand bangladesh women empowerment never remotely explained what abed did. Go back to the start – he’d spent his live savings on rebuilding 15000 village homes in 1972 only to find tens of mothers dying od starvation. His first microfranchise needed to be small scale rice farming – with a thousand mother-led enterprises doing that financial services needed to be designed for them and successive microfranchises such as the health-workers who doordashed 10 most basic medicines. Abed was designing the innovation that kept the whole value chain economic- access to most locally adaptive rice science, becoming the country’s largest wholesale distributor of the basic selection of medicines. While brac microfinance is aired with the nationwide innovation core to each value chain there’s lottle risk. After all the markets chosen are those integral to the survival or rural peoples – still 70% of the population at time of abed’s dearh

1.3   Ultra povtery graduation. Those of us who admired Fazle were really unhappy to see how others got the nobel economics prize for the inventions (Ultra Poverty and Playschools) he chose to be his own R&D focus  to inspire through brac uni. But how right he was. Ultra poverty grad is now being hailed by 50 countries as  the most effective direct cash transfer solution. And when anyone needs evidence they go to mit poverty lab and its deep investors the toyota middle east franchise otherwise known as Abdul latif. Meanwhile Fazle’s son Shameran is invited by many countries to be Ultra coordinating adviser – and thus the bottom od the pyramid livelihoods are chartered by Shameran- brac microfinance banks on mapped by him as source number 1.

1.4    brac bank is everything city communities  banking needs to be because it didn’t have legacy branches; the location and staffing have been chosen focused on local startups. Its also the benchmark over 40 countries swap cooperation ideas on at

1.5   Bkash the world largest cashless bank is designed by global tech wizards now in their 25th years as founder of mobile for the poorest. Its about 50:50 owned and is a world leader. Its issue is what tech does it need to leap with , a decision that’s not made in bangladesh

1.6   In his final weeks abed received an honor direct from Netherlands Royal family. By being chosen as brac international hq, the netherlands has become Europe’s world leader in most sustainability goal investments including global climate adaptation. And since remittances are about a third of bangladesh’s foreign exchange, designing the most economical remittance processes is something Netherlands is transnationally fit to do. Note also the Ditch Queen is special envoy to Un on fintech.


Of course across the coeration playoard that is brac, ots ossible a damily member might try to lead too many moving parts. Byt abed had two charming ways of relating to government. First he’d say if there is somethikng brac is doing that’s integral t ifrastructure and best supported by taxation, lets transfer what work over to the government. Second one if the reasons fir founding the university was to assemble month long worldwide facuties on the future of pubkic service in selected key areas. In these days where tech can change so much, that was a facility the bangladesh government ceebrated vrac universirty as unique caPACITY BUILDER.

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Canada's veteran economic development expert ian smillie observes- no organisation has leapt forwaed empowering humanity as often as brac during sir fazle abed's 50 years - do you have a vfavorite leapfrog tear - how about 2009? There were probably 5 occasions when brac double in staff size literally by adding a whole new wing of support- in its first 7 years it designed microfrachsie busineses so that wmen could lead 3 by 100000 people communities oit of starvation; around 1980 it started nationwide traimning of mothers both on oral rehydration which they themselves were to deliver to inafants and with that trust earned achieving a nationwide innocultaion program in recod speed and low cost; by the time vilage mothers were moving beyong the poverty line, they asked brac to build 40000 primary schools -a nd all this during 25 years when vilages meant no access to electricuty - networking was by word of mouth or nonce literacy wss built by printed word

FROM 1995 partners brought brac mobile and solar - so which was the greatest leap forwadd year of all - we'd kike to hear from you - how about the extrordinary 2009- even while the western world was drowning in subprime, alumni of abed were changing every possibility of girls lives

Going through my notes 2009 was a pivotal year in bangladesh. Brac Annual report 2009 is fascinating on page 28 scaling of brac's WASH WAterSanitation HYgiene was taking off - sanitation facilities built in 1000 schools , cost 1000 dollar / school 40% paid for by school. At that time Brac was main contributor to Unicef's 2nd Global Handwashing Day october 15 london school of hygiene & tropical medicine has been a consistent supporter 2009 was the first year that i invited 2 directors of brac to dr yunus 69th birthday party. I now realise this was the year when brac designed purple as its global branding - no small matter now that is the most recognisable id in bangladesh thanks to bkash icon serving the mosy populous cashless bank in the world During 2009 Abed became the favorite of the 3 royals who knew most about Empires poverty traps across Asia : namely, Japan UK Netherlands. Prince Charles selected Abed for a knighthood. The Netherlands agreed to be Brac Global's HQ.

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xHello from a suprisingly coool Hong Kong roadmap cooperation nations Back in 2008, 2000 students including glasgow U's adam smith's -which my family had given yunus social business book to started a game world record jobs - if millennials and their families could start by linking to alumni and knowhow of 2 people 
whose universe of cooperation knowhow would most help under30s be the first sustainability generation?

I believe the choice The Economist & my father made in 1951 Von Neumann and dad's last choice Fazle Abed make quite a good twin sisters cooperation gameSDG5) between communities @ any gps on planet

Of course I have some biases father met von neumann at princeton 1951 and with economist journalists started von neumann survey what goods can people unite with 100 times more tech per decade?

within a decade father had started mapping 5 hi-tech corridors
*swiss (connecting eg budapest v neumann einstein munich) since 1865 ITU where neumann einstein had come from- digital twin of UN from 1945
*princeton south which von neumann had lots of official secrets difficulty with
*princeton north which he open sourced via ibm yale, mit and presumably UN
*stanford which had been established 1885 as by and for every child
* japan south coastal roadsters corridor to linkin in korea south taiwan hk and singapore (this corridor was seconded by JFK but no us president since) ; in spote of jfk's death the tokyo olympics united prince chatles then 16 with japan and dutch royal families witnessing the firts global satellite broadcast; and a yera later a japanese calculator's order stimulated intel to invent programable chips; meanwhile tokyo is a benchmark for supercity mullti-win trade with containerisation making sme supply chains without borders less costly than overland (and bullet trains hut in case); so the 65% of people who are Asian had something intergeneratonally good to linkin

arguably the 6th corridor of good was singapore's south asian co-creation of asean from 1967 but if we want to map 1 billion south asians girls corridor intel for good then dad and I still find fazle abed's multipliers from 1970 most deeply data rich when twinned with von  neumann maps

at abed's 80th birthday party in 2016 a lot of chaos happened but in spite of tragedies like the dhaka tetror attack abed's 80th wish got relayed at UN NY 2016 by Koreans Jim Kim and Ban ki-moon and became  digital cooperation and then the tech envoy office

one of the first things vincent did when appointed by sir fazle as vc brac unii 2019 was to design BUx like edx 
meanwhile the first year of the research by people who became tech envoy connected geneva Unctad Kituyi and ITU Zhao- there I saw hk hanson's and jeanne's 2017 work humanoid sophia- so today i would trust jeanne's meta-womens kindness platform  )(social actioning) sdgoals (in comparison i find chatgpt scary)

I will try and add another 50 or so people that von neumann and abed seem to have linked - of course in asian university terms you have lee kuan yew's great unis and in hong kong li ka shing's;  (as well as abed's last new friend charles co-founded ten cent)

so i've got to think development of 1 billion asian girls ai and lives can be a different ball game than even the stanford corridor can muster though jerry yang seems to keep stanford open

abed always said anyone who does a mooc of me must make c= cooperation whatever they do with mass open online - what are the 30 most sustainable cooperation platforms that would have existed if abed hadnt existed - welcome, 

nb all reporting errors mine alone- of course this game is also about who any player doesnt yet know- why cooperation seems so interesting to map

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 Rice  abed Cooperartion  experiential-learning (SB economic) network 2.1 feeds more people than any other product - especially those challenged by goals 2 hunger - even starvation. Rice became the first social business microfranchise of brac. Abed had spent all his savings building 15000 homes of peoples in his home region who had lost everything in the war of independence. He then found tens of mother dying  of starvation a week in the metavilage he had built (15000 mothers nearly 100000 people as 1970s bangladesh mothers were expected to breed many children -partly v=becxause up to jalf would die before ago of 5 due to stunting malnutrition or diarrhea - dehtdration due to lck of safe drinking water)

Rice became the F in SHELF - see 2025 report final cooperation edition - in press begun with London Economist - first future history publication 1984 -alson UNwomens at linbkedin , newsletter

BRAC becomes Bangladesh's Centre of Gravity on rice research , arguably nimber 2 in Asia after China. Rice farmers became the first small enterprise Chinese Capitalism permiited from 1976 - prvuously all companies had been state owned

Today China has a lab with over 800000 different species of rice- of course bangladesh doesnt have a huge lab like that - but Abed with help of UNOCEF James Grant shared something bangladesh became world leader in oral rehydration 3.1 - and always preserved borderless good relations wherever people shared solutions on women ending extreme poverty) 


Fortunately rice is also the most adaptable of plants locally through crop sceince. We are not agricultural experts but Abed as former royal dutch shell ceo had the connections for brac to become the nations main coop-erative researcher in rice. (Incidentally my father at The Economist celebrating rural Keynesianism had published 1977 rice as the happiest chart in the world- with different countries in asia varying local production by order of magnitude- if only every place linkedin to the the seed it most needed. This could be the greatest economic win-win of the era before digital networking. Rice can be adapted to length or harvest; how much water, salinity or other environmental factirs These are also mainly about green decisions not chemical fertilisers

BORLAUG FIRST WORLD RECORD JOBS CONNECTOR AFTER WORLD WAR 2 (see also green revolution 1 billion people)

Its our undertstanding that in the early 1950s Borlaug an Amerucan whose research lab was in mexico started research of every crop's local productivity. For expert nominations of who contributed wht to end hunger see the food prize laureates founded in Borlaug's memory

You could say Rice is what helped abed chnage aid from 1.0 chairty and top-down driven to social business investment in porest vilage mothers as family busienss people. In this sense look at 1.1 and 1.2 - - changing aid to botom up and fiancial servies for poor; 5.1 colaboration for metavilages 100000 people at a time ; and 5.2 : 1 billion girls- abed's solutions was cooperating in research bottom billion asian mothers needed to win-win learn/do

WE suggest reading the book by  brac empoyee number 3 martha chen - quiet revolution. This explains abed's role through 1970s as linking in what became the miracle of a billion poorest asian women networking to end poverty- keynesians including schumacher would term this the greatest human development economic miracle of all time. When the Japan Ambassador to Bagladesh  hosted 2 brainstormoing dinners to remember my father 's vote od Abed as nuimber 1 in female entrepreneurial revolution, Abed chaired hours of debate on why he hoped his legacy woi;d be brac universoty helped linkin all 21stt C universities with women graduates concerned with milennails being the sdg generation would cooperate. Some people say he credited the idea to Mes Steve Jobs. - 

Anyhow, 20001, after 30 yeras of grassor=oors network (vilage word of mouth , and with literacy print of book) oce coop-eration partners with brac brought platforms of  mobile and solar, one of abed's top cooperations : founding brac university- to be the most cooperatinve 21st C university for all helping girls under 30 lead the human race beyond extinction - ..

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 ED: What have 8 billion human beings (& unlimited Arts Intel) discovered in first 10 years of global education laureates existing  2013 thanks to first lady of qatar

2016 at year 1 review of the sdgs - 9 education lumninaries : teaching community practices of all this will requite total change to education and digital cooperation - now in 7th year 9 interacting components of UN2 

dec 2019 death of sir fazle ; jan 2020 start of covid ....

2023 can we take down the 7 biggest errors of 21sr c starting with global media design up to summer 2023 -new college year will start with stidents seeing their greatest storytellers


and as a nation says goodbye to the best ever vice chnacellor a university ever led (apart from abed himself) - what next bangla and banker

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5.5 2020s biggest cooperations across bop vilage world

brac university began 2001 - whatt could womens world most cooperative university of millennials as first sustainability generation unite during Fazle Abed's last 18 years; and what could vincent chang continue after Abed's death through the covid years into start of leap forward cooperations 2023

part 2 of 5.5 - compilation start jan 2023 - homework for first water summit at UN in a generation 

related missions in ny most helping friengs of un2 and gov 2 -nominarions welcome


paered inspiearions - before 2016 (when edutech leaders demanded transfprmation of un process if sdgs were to be mappable werever communitied needed most urgent access) tech was not a united force for good aceoss practice bramches of un 

- afew extraordinary people gave their life to trying eg denis hoped tech would healp health and who leap fprward - he parted earth helping beijing fight corona late 2020 - tahnks Denis  - Fazle abed pasrted dec 2019

washington state borgen update brac goal 5 water filed june 2021