Join in celebrating the 30 most productive collaborations 2020-1970 of women empowered sustainability generation goals 1 -5 and help log advances to 2025 Fazle Abed partners and 1billion girls mapped these 30 collaborations -six each for education , health, food/land, finance to end poverty, societal platforms for partners in 100% community (women as productive as men, young & old, colored & white
education opportunities 4.1 adult skills; 4.2 primary; 4.3 teen ; 4.4 university; 4.5 pre-school ;4.6 multidisciplinary education luminaries health opportunities
3.1 oral rehydration 3.2 para health "doordash" basic medicines 3.3 scale vaccination 3.4 tuberculosis 3.5 Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity; 3.6 James Grant School of public health food/land opportunities
2.1 rice 2.2 veggie 2.3 cash crops & village fair2.4 poultry 2.5 dairy, 2.6 14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty
1.1 change aid (sustainable charity), microfinance+, 1.3 ultra poor, 1.4 city bank 1.5 bkash, 1.6 hq2 brac intl netherlands
platforms for 100% lives matter community (women as productive as men , all skin cols equal opportunity etc)
5.1 100k person metavillage; 1 billion asian women, brac net, 5.4 100 asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5 climate smart village exchanges, 5.6 zoom me up scotty: 2022: year 264 in search of moral market leadership

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

brac africa

 afruca is main international region of brac

typically abed chose to partner:

muslim africa countries with one lead long term western partner

eg mastercard foundation uganda secondary girls networks- in 2021 mf announced billion dollar investment in vaccinate afrca

tanzania with gates agricultural microfinance- africa had missed out on borlaug -probably biggest transfer possibility especially as gates was already trying to bring an mpesa to tanzania and more recetly a bkash

soros wanted to help in extremely poor cuntries eg liberia post-genecide, sierra leone - by planting foundations from 2009 these countries bounced back from ebola faster than if no last mile health service nets avialable; soros also supported s sudan partnership

more to come or see brac intl

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