Join in celebrating the 30 most productive collaborations 2020-1970 of women empowered sustainability generation goals 1 -5 and help log advances to 2025 Fazle Abed partners and 1billion girls mapped these 30 collaborations -six each for education , health, food/land, finance to end poverty, societal platforms for partners in 100% community (women as productive as men, young & old, colored & white
education opportunities 4.1 adult skills; 4.2 primary; 4.3 teen ; 4.4 university; 4.5 pre-school ;4.6 multidisciplinary education luminaries health opportunities
3.1 oral rehydration 3.2 para health "doordash" basic medicines 3.3 scale vaccination 3.4 tuberculosis 3.5 Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity; 3.6 James Grant School of public health food/land opportunities
2.1 rice 2.2 veggie 2.3 cash crops & village fair2.4 poultry 2.5 dairy, 2.6 14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty
1.1 change aid (sustainable charity), microfinance+, 1.3 ultra poor, 1.4 city bank 1.5 bkash, 1.6 hq2 brac intl netherlands
platforms for 100% lives matter community (women as productive as men , all skin cols equal opportunity etc)
5.1 100k person metavillage; 1 billion asian women, brac net, 5.4 100 asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5 climate smart village exchanges, 5.6 zoom me up scotty: 2022: year 264 in search of moral market leadership

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

reviews of 3 books on abed

 3 books sounds remarkably few for someone who advanced lives of quarter of earthlings directly and gives  sustainability networkers access to the deepest learning contexts from the bottom (there's no point actioning UN sdgs leaving out the hardest to reach)

-however the world is fortunate that there are at least 100 chunky abed speeches - sampler coming soon

one of the reasons authors may have been reluctant is parts of brac partnerships doubled in reach every 3 years as demonstrated with bracs field force going from a handful of village coaches to over 100000 ; its quite hard to pitch a publisher a book which at best will tell half the story; this got even more challenging to map as partners doubled in global reach every 3 years of abed's last 15- 

for those interested in brac in bangladesh villages to 2011 this list of teaching resources is a good starting point

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