20th century intelligence - ending poverty of half world without electricity -although Keynes 1936 (last capter general theiry money inetrest emplymen) asked Economists to take hipocrati oath as the profession that ended extreme poverty, most economists did the opposite. Whats not understandable is how educatirs failed to catalogue the lessons of the handful who bottom-up empowered vilages to collaboratively end poverty. There are mainly 2 inteligences to understand- Borlaug on food; fazle abed on everything that raised life expectancy in tropical viage asia from low 40s to 60s (about 7 below norm of living with electricity and telecomes). Between 1972 and 2001, Abed's lessons catalogued in this mooc had largelu built the nation of Bangladesh and been replicated with help of Unicef's James Grant acroo most tropical asian areas. What's exciting is the valley's mr ad mrs steve jobs invted Fazle Abed to share inteligences 2001 at his 65th birthday party. The Jobs and frineds promised to integrate abed's inteligence into neighborhod university stanfrd which in any event wanted Jobs next great leap the iphone. The Valley told abed to start a university so that women graduates from poor and rich nations could blend inteligence as Abed's bottom of the pyramid vilage began their journey of leapfrog modles now that gridd infarstructures were ni longer needed for sdiar and mobile. Abed could also help redesign the millennium goals which were being greenwashed into a shared worldwide system coding frame by 2016. There re at Abed's 80th birtday party , the easy bitwas checking this mooc was uptodate. The hard bit - what did Abed mean by his wish to headhunt a taiwanese american to head the university's 3rd decade starting 2020?

Thursday, December 31, 2020


Country Director, BRAC Philippines

  • BRAC
    1 Dec 2021
    Closing date
    15 Dec 2021

    Career with BRAC International

    BRAC is a development success story, born in Bangladesh and expanding into 10 other developing countries in Asia and Africa. It spreads anti-poverty solutions making it a global leader in providing opportunities for the world’s poor.

    BRAC was founded in Bangladesh in 1972 by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, and is today one of the top leaders in developing cost-effective, evidence-based poverty innovations in extremely poor, fragile and post-disaster settings. BRAC started its first programme outside of Bangladesh in Afghanistan in 2002 through its Dutch registered Stichting BRAC International. BRAC International is currently reaching over 19 million people beyond Bangladesh and creating opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

    With a holistic approach that uses a wide array of interventions including microfinance, education, healthcare, legal services and more, BRAC invests in communities’ own human and material resources, catalyzing lasting change and creating an ecosystem in which the poor have the chance to seize control of their own lives. Of the world’s top development and humanitarian relief organisations, BRAC is one of the few based in the global south. In February 2020, BRAC was ranked as the number one NGO in the world for the fifth consecutive year by the Geneva-based NGO Advisor, an independent media organisation committed to highlighting innovation, impact and governance in the non-profit sector.

    BRAC International is seeking application from competent, dynamic and self-motivated individuals to fill the following position.

    Country Director, BRAC Philippines

    Lead, direct, develop, and manage all aspects of BRAC programs/projects in the Philippines according to the relevant values, policies, protocols and standards of BRAC and the host country to build an effective, efficient and sustainable country operation. Forges connections with local, national, international and regional partners and with skilled professionals in the region, with an eye toward future collaboration to initiate new program/projects. Capable to provide strategic leadership to Country team/ Agency.Job responsibilities include but not limited to the following-

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Uphold, promote, follow and apply the Core Values and Mission of BRAC in the host country.
    • Lead and supervise the program/project managers and unit heads on planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the projects to ensure the effective and efficient execution of project deliverables.
    • Proactively monitor fundraising/ grants opportunities both in-country and externally and alert relevant BRAC International colleagues as to such opportunities. Work with BRAC International colleagues to pursue, develop and follow up on securing funding/ grants for both extension of existing and/or establishment of new programs in the country.
    • Ensure relevant, timely and accurate flow of strategic, management and operational reports for the implementation of effective work according to program objectives and standards and to meet reporting standards of donors, partner offices and BRAC headquarter.
    • Respond to requests from BRAC headquarter on communication materials which may be used to communicate the country’s programs on BRAC International’s website, social media and other communication channels.
    • Direct and manage staffing in the country while focusing on developing capabilities appropriate to the strategic and operational needs of projects/programs and also the needs of both the present and the future within the country and create ownership among local staff.
    • Ensure proper and transparent management of resources and reporting systems are established in the country in accordance with the policy and procedures and all regulatory requirements of BRAC, host country governments and donor’s policies.
    • Visit projects to encourage, advice, build relationships, evaluate and inspect the funded projects. Accordingly follow-up with the program managers on the findings of audit, risk register and monitoring report.
    • Participate in program development as well as analyze continuous impact and effectiveness of existing programs on a national level and adapt accordingly. Spearhead the country strategy plan in partnership with the regional Asia office.
    • Responsible for overall spending of the country program. Supervise managers to ensure regular budget monitoring to be conducted for all programs/ projects.
    • Ensure adequate systems are in place and followed, regarding program procurements, management and maintenance of project assets, regular inventories and similar activities.
    • Establish a safeguarding culture across all level of the programme by implementing BRAC’s safeguarding policy. Act as a key source of support, guidance and expertise on safeguarding for establishing a safe working environment.
    • Responsible to ensure team members are appropriately trained, supported and have access to resources regarding issues that are identified and actioned in accordance with the safeguarding policy and procedure. Follow the safeguarding reporting procedure in case any reportable incident takes place, encourage others to do so.
    • Develop/maintain productive relationships with community, local government, provincial/state government and central government relevant departments; donors, civil society, private sector, academic institution and other stakeholders to promote BRAC’s interest and work in the Philippines.

    Educational Requirements:

    Master’s in Development Studies/ Social Science/ Anthropology/ International Relations or relevant subject from a reputed university.

    Required Knowledge, Skills & Competencies:

    • Demonstrable leadership, organizational, managerial and communication skills
    • Ability to think strategically, conceptualize new ideas, digest and analyze complex information and present coherent work plan or implementation plan
    • Fund mobilization
    • Understanding of BRAC core competencies so that program knowledge and skills can be transferred
    • Safeguarding and Gender
    • Entrepreneurial and proactive
    • Possess professional attitude and diligence and able to work independently as well as work in a team
    • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently
    • Proven skills in networking and relationship building
    • Strong analytical and information gathering skills
    • Excellent writing and facilitation skills
    • Strong communication and representational skills
    • Strong administrative skills
    • Cultural sensitivity
    • Willingness to travel often to the project site as required.

    Experience Requirements:

    • 15 years’ experience along with proven program (especially in fund raising and networking) management experience in a developing country setting
    • At least 8-10 years working experience as Country Director/Assistant Country Director or similar leadership position in NGO, UN or donor agencies
    • Capable to provide strategic leadership to large programmes or NGOs.
    • Solid experience on networking and resource mobilization
    • Professional knowledge in diverse development approaches

    Employment type: Contractual

    Salary: Negotiable

    Job Location: Country Office, Philippines

    How to apply

    If you feel you are the right match for the above mentioned position, please follow the application instructions accordingly:

    External candidates need to email their CV with a letter of interest mentioning educational grades, years of experience, current and expected salary at recruitment.bi@brac.net

    Internal candidates need to apply with their latest CV including all job assignments in detail with BRAC PIN and email to internal.bi@brac.net

    Please mention the name of the position and AD# BI 36/21 in the subject bar.

    Application deadline: 15 December 2021

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