RAISING >2 BILLION HUMANS INTELLIGENCES BY 25 YEARS. After helping with recovery 1970 cyclone killing half a million of his compatriots, Fazle Abed was nearly assassinated by his employer Royal Dutch Shell and the Pakistani army. Fortunately he spent his remaining 50 years celebrating intelligence development of the poorest 2 billion parents notably growth of 1billiongirls. For over quarter of a century all networking was done by word of mouth and sight of book because in Asia 20th c village life still meant no access to electricity grids or telephone lines. Fortunately both Computing Whizs Jobs & Gates were both partly dis-satisfied with western apps of pc networks which they had begun in 1984. Around 2001 they both hosted silicon valley 65th birthday wish parties for Abed as global village tech envoy. Partners in life critical challenges had begun to bring abed's village mothers solar and mobile to co-create with. Abed changed the way Jobs saw tech futures of education (see ) and how Gates saw global health fund foundations and overall the valley's university stanford started to see as far as intelligence of Women and Youth goes the most life critical knowhow for 2 billion humans wasnt directly measurable in 90 day monetary flows; it was measurable in increased life expectancy by over 25 years during Abed's community servant leadership. Probably the greatest lift in intelligence until celebrations of what Fei-Fei Li opened the worlds eyes to in 2012, and Melinda Gates and Nvidia's Jensen Huang were first to helped AIforall lift since 2014.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

update on hunt for new uni 5.4

 syllabus of venture capital university looks cool  as do its combo of sources berkeley law nvca ventureforward (baltimore)  following-   #vcuniversity with health ai dr vik bajaj

abed partners from osun (eg bard  ceu arizona state ashesi) 2) on march 30 bards climate lectures are arranging million student chat with over 500 colleges https://earthday.maps.arcgis.com/apps/dashboards/3099472c8d794908917c23d06dffd2cb

schwarzman connectoirs oxford mit tsinghua

it could be interesting to partner princeton at https://web.cvent.com/event/efc3ec4c-8b39-454b-a185-afb09b69c9b8/summary - 


higher ed summit barcelona may https://acumbamail.com/envio/ver/e48e1a28-302c-11ec-bd82-005056bd5094/ 

ai search

fintech search

coming soon lumchclub search from new york (wanted search from youth's 20 most colaborative supoercities)

algorithm example


Profile Picture

Julia Gardner

Admissions Outreach and Selection Officer @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously Senior Counselor @ Golden Path Academics Vietnam

Profile Picture

Frederico Menino

Outreach and Selection Officer @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously Educational Advisor @ Consulate-general Of Brazil In New York

Profile Picture

Joan Kaufman

Director For Academics @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously China Team Leader @ International Aids Vaccine Initiative (iavi)

Profile Picture

Sandy Alkoutami

Schwarzman Scholar @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously Zaatari Programming Intern @ Questscope

Profile Picture

Hannah Feinberg

Admissions Assistant @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously International Program Assistant - Office Of Global Affairs @ Nyu Steinhardt School Of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Profile Picture

Holly Robinson

Employer Relations @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously Associate @ General Dynamics

Profile Picture

Jessica Greely

Schwarzman Scholar @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously Intern, California District Office Of Nancy Pelosi @ Us Congress

Profile Picture

Zak Schwarzman

General Partner @ Metaprop Nyc

Previously Kauffman Fellow, Class 23 @ Kauffman Fellows

Profile Picture

Yuyang Zhang

Admissions Assistant @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously Editor For Documentary Production Zhu Meng Lu Shang @ China Central Television

Profile Picture

Junyi Zhang

Teaching Fellow @ Schwarzman Scholars

Previously U.s.-china Policy Exchange Ford Fellow @ The Brookings Institution

results yidan prize

Results for yidan prize

Profile Picture

Joy Wong

Program Manager @ Yidan Prize

Previously Development Assistant @ University Of Oxford

Profile Picture

Yidan Tang

Finance and Accounting Intern @ China Merchants Bank

Previously Teaching Assistant @ Lehigh University

Profile Picture

Yidan Jin

Associate @ Mercer

Previously Guest Speaker @ 20th Annual Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Profile Picture

Brandon Costelloe-kuehn

Co-founder @ Constellation Prize

Previously Lead Guitarist @ Solis

Profile Picture

Yidan Xu

Speech Language Pathologist @ Select Rehabilitation

Previously English Teacher @ Global Ielts Language School

Profile Picture

Darshan Karwat

Co-founder @ Constellation Prize

Previously Graduate Student Researcher and Instructor @ University Of Michigan

Profile Picture

Edward Ma

Secretary-general @ Yidan Prize

Previously Executive Director @ Asia Petrochemical Supplies

Profile Picture

Yidan Lai

Assistant Vice President @ Icbc International

Previously Senior Associate @ Pwc

Profile Picture

Ammara Emrey

Senior Professional Communication and Development Training Specialist @ Hult Prize Foundation

Previously Public Speaker @ International Public Speaking Institute

Profile Picture

Philip Auerswald

Cofounder @ Zilla Global

Previously Cofounder and Executive Director @ The Policy Design Lab

results for brac ultra

Results for brac ultra poor

Profile Picture

Dristy Shrestha

Technical Advisor, Ultra-poor Graduation Initiative @ Brac Usa

Previously Graduate Assistant, Office Of Admissions and Financial Aid @ The Fletcher School At Tufts University

Profile Picture

Palash Das

Director, Ultra Poor Graduation Programme @ Brac

Previously Economic Justice Coordinator - South Asia @ Oxfam

Profile Picture

Jasveen Bindra

Senior Associate @ Brac

Previously Georgetown College Photographer @ Georgetown College

Profile Picture

Maxwell Gollin

Communications Coordinator @ Brac

Previously Content Marketing Intern @ Falcon.io

Profile Picture

Bhaswati Ghosh

Assistant Project Officer @ Brac

Previously Marketing Communications Specialist @ London Life

Profile Picture

Whitney Reichenbacker

Director, Finance and Administration @ Brac Usa

Previously Volunteer Office Manager @ Indigenous Education Foundation Of Tanzania

Profile Picture

Devon Ritzer

Education Program Manager @ Brac Usa

Previously Immigrant Support Intern and Counselor @ Santa Cruz County Immigration Project

Profile Picture

Cora Neudeck

Development Associate @ Brac Usa

Previously Un Youth Ngo Representative @ The Foundation For Post Conflict Development

Profile Picture

Daniel Stoner

Chief Program Officer @ Brac Usa

Previously Vice President, Department Of Education and Child Protection @ Save The Children Us

Profile Picture

Farhana Jhumi

Senior Manager, Finance and Administration, Brac Education Program @ Brac

Previously General Member @ Yes Group Transparency International Bangladesh

Results for stanford

Profile Picture

Michael Sletcher

Instructor, Course and Curriculum Design, Development, and Online Education, Stanford University, Spcs @ Stanford University

Previously Visiting Fellow @ Harvard University

Profile Picture

Huy Nguyen

Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellow @ Stanford University

Profile Picture

Julia Mears

Associate Dean In Residential Education For Resident Fellow Engagement @ Stanford University

Previously Assistant Director Of Academic Assistance @ Wheelock College

Profile Picture

Matthew Golub

Postdoctoral Fellow @ Stanford University

Profile Picture

Thomas Braukmann

Postdoctoral Research Associate @ Stanford University

Previously Postdoctoral Fellow @ University Of Guelph

Profile Picture

Kristina Lobo

Senior Program Director, Public Service Leadership and Community Partnerships @ Stanford University

Previously Partner Cities Associate @ Parliament Of The World's Religions

Profile Picture

Ju Liu

Postdoctoral Fellow @Stanford University

previously Instructor @The University Of Texas At Austin previously Postdoctoral Fellow @The University Of Texas At Austin

Profile Picture

Jeannine Williams

Faculty Assistant @ Stanford Universty Stanford University

Profile Picture

Micol Alemani

Researcher @ Stanford University

Previously Post Doc @ Uc Berkeley

Profile Picture

Elana Gomel

Visting Scholar @ Stanford University

Previously Senior Lecturer @ Tel Aviv University

Profile Picture

Allison Felt

San Francisco Bay

Allison is the Manager of Creative Production at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She loves producing multimedia content and brainstorming ideas. She's also a huge fan of photography and fruit.

examples ai fund

Results for ai fund

Profile Picture

Simon Gillett

General Partner @ The Global Ai Internet Freedom Fund

Previously Ambassador @ International Deal Gateway

Profile Picture

Jami Wissman

Software Engineer @ Motiva Ai

Previously Apprentice @ The Data Guild

Profile Picture

Dan Landau

Senior Brand Manager @ Ai Fund

Previously Photographer @ Dan Landau Photography

Profile Picture

Megan Harris

Content and Strategy @ Argo Ai

Previously Editor-in-chief and Reporter @ The Daily Helmsman University Of Memphis

Profile Picture

Steven Syverud

Partner @ Ai Fund

Previously Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Sycamore Networks

Profile Picture

Jedidiah Weeks

Technical Director @ Ai

Previously Project Manager @ Jeffrey Mckean

Profile Picture

Derek Scholl

Financial Analyst @ Private Fund

Previously Igaming Market Research Consultant @ Positive Sum Gaming

Profile Picture

Raphael Tehranian

Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer @ Altana Trade

Previously Management Advisor and Operator @ Panjiva

Profile Picture

Michael Steve

Software Engineer @ Linecraft Ai

Profile Picture

Elin Hernlund

Co-founder @ Sleip Ai

Previously Veterinarian @ Equine Clinic Animal University Hospital

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